Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Saving One Swing at a Time

I know you're all wondering what I did over the weekend, but I'm knee deep in trying to get ready for throwing Baby Fox a half birthday party on Saturday, and of course I decided to start all of the crafts THIS weekend. So well, that's what I've been doing from the time Baby Fox goes to bed till I got to bed an hour and half later. Just pretend you read what I did, hung out at home and crafted...I know such an exciting life.

Last night, Mr. sprayed for bugs around the house and in the house and while it was drying we took Baby Fox to the park. Not the most exciting thing you've ever heard, but we saw a friend and put our kids on the swings. Baby Fox's swing was squeaky,  driving us all nuts. Mr. promptly walked home and then did this:

He's concentrating really hard here, he's now wishing he didn't tell me that he brought his iPhone to the park so I could take a picture and then quickly send them to myself

I made him pose with the WD-40 showing, he's not spraying me, don't worry

Yep that's my husband saving one swing at a time. Our ears thank him profusely.

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