Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

Gotta say this weekend was AWESOME! It was just the Mr., Me and Baby Fox and it was a great weekend. Trying to really enjoy these last 8 weeks with just Baby Fox. I can't believe I'm down to single digits left. I guess we better start getting her room ready, I've cleaned out some of it, but can't decide where to put stuff. She really doesn't need the whole closet to herself right? I can take up some of it still.

Mr. is in physical therapy, because he's old, no because he did something to his back which then made his hips hurt, see old. Anyway, he's supposed to do these stretches twice a day, Baby Fox wanted to help him.

We like to think of our decor as Daycare Chic

Saturday we decided to keep it low key and we packed up one backpack worth of stuff and headed to the beach for some playtime and lunch. We didn't have the stuff to make our own lunch so we decided we were just going to stop by at a restaurant that we normally go to overlooking the ocean. Turns out that they changed their menu, don't you hate when that happens?

At this point I realize that I have forgotten a change of clothes at home so we took off his shorts so at least he would have something dry. Kids in diapers are okay right? 

First sand castle, which promptly got stomped on

We didn't even have a beach blanket, Mr and I both just sat on our shoes. When I said low key beach day, I really meant it. 

We watched the sailboat for a while.

We finally got hungry and headed for some lunch. The patio at this place is a first come first serve place. So if you see a table you need to stand by it like a hawk. While walking over to the restaurant, I saw this table open up in the corner, I yelled at Mr. take Baby Fox, I see a table, and I ran to get the table. People were there looking, but since this table was off on it's own no one could see it was available unless you were on the outside on the sidewalk, score for us!

Sunday we went to swim lessons, I didn't get any photos, but I did get this video of Mr and Baby Fox playing before lessons.

Yep that's right, Baby Fox got out to kiss baby sister and got back in the pool. 

Sunday night we went to a concert in the park. I had no idea it was going to be so big, we had to park quite a bit away, but it was totally fun and worth it.

We met up with some friend who have a 5 month old, Baby Fox played peek-a-boo with him which baby thought was the funniest thing ever. I love baby giggles.

Concert started, it was the Pacific Symphony, so good! Baby Fox got tired of it after about 40 minutes, but he loved every second of it.

Baby Fox did NOT want to sit still for a picture, but we made him anyway.

All in all it was a fantastic family weekend! Trying to wrap our heads around that this is the last 8 weeks of just us three, we're going to make the most of these last few weeks. So far this is a great start!

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  1. okay, the video was so precious. He is already such a loving big brother!!

  2. LOL at "daycare chic"!!!! Obviously. ME TOO. Love these pics!

  3. Oh my gosh, only 8 weeks left!? Ahhh!! Baby Fox playing peekaboo with the baby is the cutest thing ever! Soon he'll be doing that all the time! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee