Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Recap

Guess what? I finally found some time to download pictures from this weekend. Yep this girl still doesn't have a phone with a good camera/internet on it. So I'm still stuck in the dark ages taking pictures with a camera and plugging that thing in at the end of the night and waiting for the pictures to load...blah. One day, unfortunately I still have a year left on my current old school phone. Darn. Anyone want to give me a cool phone?

So this weekend was all about Baby Fox. We decided to throw him a 1/2 birthday, we didn't really do anything for him for his actual birthday back on Christmas day and didn't throw him a party because it's December, and people are mostly Christmas shopping on the weekends. My cousin her two kids and my sister came on Thursday to help set up on Friday and spend the weekend.

 Friday we spent getting ready for the party, three kids and trying to set up made for a really crazy day. But the kids had fun and we got everything done, eventually, and that's all that matters. Baby Fox absolutely adores his older cousin, M and wants to be just like him, he constantly refers to him as "my buddy M". M had his tube through the back of his shirt like a sword, but Baby Fox couldn't do that, so he tried putting it in the front. M decided to make him feel better and put the sword through the front too.

 Boys will be boys, Baby Fox learning how to wrestle...this reminds me of my brother and cousins back in the day and our parents yelling at them to calm down and stop wrestling!

No day would be complete without everyone running in circles.

Ugh, blurry pictures, but you can tell he's having fun.

After a day of decorating and running around, everyone was pretty tired, so we got ready for bed and watched Dumbo.

Saturday was party day! Will post detailed pictures later, but everyone had a blast and the pool was full of happy kids and parents.

Sunday we were supposed to go to Legoland, but Mr.'s back was still hurting and I needed to rest so my cousin and Dad took the three kids to Legoland. Baby Fox had a blast!

I think I need a weekend from my weekend, seriously! Is it Friday yet?

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  1. I love it, 2.5... That poor kid a Christmas Baby.. Seriously I feel bad.

  2. Legoland! We used to live in Germany and went to the one there. I love it!
    And that's so funny about the blurry pictures. I have a tiny baby, and he is cute when he's awake, but he moves so much! Most of the pictures I have are when he's sleeping. One trick? Take a video and then take a screen-grab of a frame! That's where I get some of my good pictures of the baby awake. It works when you're using an iPhone, at least! Not sure how it would work if you were using an actual camera.

  3. How fun!!! Looks like you guys had a really great weekend! :)

  4. yay for 1/2 birthday parties! that cake looks really yummy and baby fox looks like he had a great time