Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Whatever Wednesday - Another Decade

Today is the third installment of Whatever Wednesday's with Shay and Alissa . See last week's topic here. Today's topic? If you could live in another decade which would you choose? Well I thought and thought about it, and I couldn't really think of anything. I asked my husband which decade he would choose and he said he likes living in the now, with all of the technology and wouldn't want to live in any other time.

He asked me the same and the first thing that popped out of my mouth, 1890's. The reason(s)? Okay I have to add a caveat...when I told Mr. that I wanted to live int he 1890's his reaction why? Work was so hard, everything was labor intensive, no air conditioning. My answer, I don't know I just think I would love it...that being said, since this is my choice, I'm going to choose to be a lady married to a wealthy man where we travel the world and have servants to clean and cook for us. But if push comes to shove, I could do it prairie style and cook and clean and keep a garden and do all that house wife work too.

Reason #1: The fashion, I know, totally wacky. I love the dress styles and the hats and the long dresses. I hate pants and I love dresses, I would wear a dress every single day if I could get away with it.

Love this green dress and matching hat

 Seriously the backs of these dresses? Can't get better then that!

Reason #2: Manners, most people seemed to be so polite, the men stood up when a lady got up from the table. Ladies whispered in the corner while the men folk went to the cigar room after dinner to talk politics. I hate politics or talking about them, so I'm totally okay just gossiping about what Mrs. Smith wore to church.

Lastly Reason #3: You get to ride in horse drawn carriages, people didn't seem to be in a huge hurry to get anywhere. The horse can only take you so fast, yes it's bumpy, but I can handle bumpy. Life just seemed more simple, no technology to worry about, no shows to DVR and catch up on, people learned how to play instruments for entertainment.

I know this is probably totally not what it was like, but for this Whatever Wednesday, I'm going to say it is and just keep living in my little dream world of what it would be like to live in the 1890's.


  1. I think your dream world sounds awesome. And the dresses were totally awesome!

    I'm kind of drawn to the simpler times like this too, without the internet and phones and cars. I bet I'd be drawn to it though until I was living it and realized just how tough it was. That's why marrying a rich man is the right choice. Maybe we could find some friends. ;)

  2. great reasons why!! i agree with the dress...i was thinking of my fair lady when i saw your pics!!

  3. That's a great decade and I love the reasons you chose. A horse drawn carriage would definitely win me over. Great post!