Thursday, July 25, 2013

A True Test

All of my friends have been playing Candy Crush. I finally decided to give in and try the game out. Turns out it's quite addicting my friends, if you haven't played yet, go get it, it won't disappoint. It started out with me downloading it to pass time at my 3 hour glucose test.

That night when I got home, Mr. wanted to play too, so we started playing together. As in, we were both looking at the screen and both doing the moves we see whenever we see a move. There has been more then one occasion where one of us messes up and then it takes another day or so to pass the level. When something like that happens, we just shrug and say, that sucks and we move on trying to pass the level. This really tests our patience and having to remember that it is just a game and we play so that we have something to do together just before bed. Mostly I think it's our personalities, we are not super competitive people, so that helps. But it shows that we are using this as a way to share something together and to wind down after a long day of work.

I hope everyone reading has something they can do to wind down before bed and to relax with their significant other without causing too much tension.

Is playing Candy Crush with your significant other something you think you could do without causing WWIII?

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  1. I love playing candy crush! My fiance just starting playing it too and he's addicted! He plays it like all the time now haha!

  2. I've been able to hold out so far. From what I've heard it's super addictive!

  3. Haha you're so funny. We play candy crush too, but on our own phones. And we compete to see who can reach a higher level (getting 3 stars) faster. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee