Thursday, July 9, 2015

3 Reasons You Should Go Sky Diving + a Vlog

It's Thursday and I have another Vlog for you. I wasn't that great at vlogging all of Saturday, but I did most of it. Mostly I really enjoyed the day with my family. After driving over 200 miles in one day, we got home and said, that was the most perfect day. We got to spend the whole day with our family, got to see my cousins and aunts and uncles and just really relax and have a good day.

Here's my experience sky diving.

I'm not going to lie, I was scared. I tried not to think about it too much, but how can you not. The only reason I actually went through with it, was because the first time my Dad did it, as soon as his feet hit the ground he said, when can I do that again! Literally the ONLY reason I did this was because he loved it that much! And you know it's a good bonding experience for us. Not that we needed it.

Want to know the scariest part of it? The 15 minute plane ride up to the drop spot. We're in this tiny plane, sitting on the floor, barely enough room for the 4 of us to sit. I decided to go first, I thought, if I don't go first I might not jump,  which put me right next to the rolling see through door. I thought I might have a heart attack, literally, my chest was pounding, my hands were sweaty. I tell the guy I'm jumping with I might have a heart attack I'm so nervous, he says "don't worry if you pass out I can still land us safely, I've done it before" I thought, holy cow, please don't let that be me, please don't let that be me.

Seconds before we jump, I vow to myself I will not be that person to pass out. I try to step out onto "platform" above the wheel (I say platform for lack of better work, it was just a 8" x 18" plate on top of the wheel. Just enough to put a foot or two before you jump. He told me to get both feet on that platform, so I was concentrating on that and before I knew it, he pushed us off and we were flying in the air. We were instructed to keep our chin up and to kick our feet back, like we were trying to kick him in the butt.

If you're wondering, I kept expecting to feel that roller coaster feeling but I never did. I was looking up when we jumped, so I just saw sky and then we were falling and really you have no frame of reference so you never feel that roller coaster feeling. Before I knew it he pulled the chute and we were just floating in the sky. That was the best part, looking at the fog covered coastline with bits of ocean peaking through.

Okay my last ditch effort to get you guys to try sky diving:

It's a great experience/ way to bond with a friend or family member. Nothing beats doing something so adventurous with someone you love. It's something you'll get to share forever.

The view from up in the sky...worth it. You get to be a bird for the 5 minutes that you're floating down. If you do it, go somewhere really pretty. I think it would be awesome to jump in Hawaii, how pretty would that be?

It just sounds impressive, like yep, I went sky diving. Makes you sound way more adventurous than you are. But really does give you a sense of accomplishment. Like I did that, I didn't think I could and I did it, I can do anything if I set my mind to it.

It was an awesome experience that I wouldn't change for the world. You ask if I would do it again? I would, but I don't think I am the type that would go seek it out again. If someone said, hey I want to go sky diving for the first time would you go with me, I would without hesitation. But I don't think I would do it on my own just to do it. If you do want to go, check out your Living Socials and Groupons near you, that's how we got our tickets and it was so much cheaper.

If you made it this far, congrats! I leave you with the Vlog from the day. I didn't add in much sky diving stuff since I made a separate video for that.

Have a great Thursday, only one more day of work, woo hoo!

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