Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I had an awesome hike video all ready to go and was uploading to youtube then I had to leave for work, so I was just going to put in my post when I got to work, and guess what? It never finished, I guess the computer locked or something happened, because the video never finished instead I'm going to give you some random pictures that were taken mid week, and never got put in a post. So here ya go, a nice photo dump for you.

Love sleeping baby pictures

 Running hard!

2 seconds after I took this picture, he stops and starts to pant and says, I just can't go any further.
A girl and her truck and blankie

Girl already knows how to walk in wedges...

And is pretty good at it too.

This picture makes me laugh every time... I might have used it for her 2nd birthday invitation :)

She has Mr.'s tongue, in case you were wonder, which you probably weren't and now it's TMI
I see you...

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