Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My Nordstrom Anniversary Haul

Happy Hump Day! I thought since everyone else was doing it, I might as well jump on board too. Last week I told you that I wanted to try and snag from the Nordstroms Sale. I didn't get all of it, but I did get most of it. Here's the break down.

First I would like to say, imagine Mr. and I sitting on the couch side by side shopping the Nordstrom Sale at midnight...that's love I tell ya.

I'm always looking for some good jeans. I don't have any distressed jeans so I thought that I would try these two out, and the grey pair of jeans I have are more loose fitting, so I'm hoping that these work out. I do have bigger calves so I'm hoping these aren't too tight on them. It totally a random thing that I happened to pick the same brand for everything. The best part none of these jeans are over $60, maybe that's why I picked the same brand, they were a good price point.

Jeans I bought at #NSale

I need some PJ's, I bought a bunch of winter ones last year...actually the kids bought me them for Christmas. But it's hotter then heck down here, and it's not cooling down that much at night, I need some cool PJ's. Donuts and Purses on PJ's, my two favorite things (even though I can't eat donuts any more, I still love the way they smell, weird I know). I have a few shorts that I wear and the ONLY tank tops I have for bed are nursing tanks...Mr. said I haven't nursed in over 2 months, it's time to give them up. I hoping these work, they have the support bra in there, fingers crossed.

PJ's I bought from #NSale

Strips and dresses, always a win in my book. I can see that blue dress styled so many different ways, I really hope it fits! Junior dresses are really hit or miss with me with the sizing. This is very similar to my other lace dress, but this one was just too cute to pass up. The shift dress just looked comfortable and perfect with a pair of leggings and some boots for the Fall, it was like calling my name.

Dresses I bought at #NSale

Funny I only found 2 shirts that I just had to have. I love strips, can you tell? And I have this blue shirt but the 3/4 sleeve one, I thought I would give this one a try, the other one is super comfortable. I've really been into looser tops lately, I hope this don't disappoint.

Shirts I bought a #NSale

Here's the category that just wraps up everything else I got. I am so happy that I got the Lorac palatte. I remember last year Jen got it and by the time she posted her haul, they were sold out. I was determined this year to get it, for $15...why not right? I had it in my cart ready to go at midnight on Thursday/Friday and once it hit midnight I did a check out. So glad that I did, along with a few other things I knew it would sell out. And you know what? It did, after I checked out I continued to shop and I didn't see it listed any more in the beauty supplies, so glad that I did that. I might have checked out another 3 times after that...

The purse is like the one I got, but doesn't have the side zippers or tassels, but they were sold out online with the one I got. Sheaffer has been raving about the self title Blardigan (part blanket part cardigan) for years now...I finally just bite the bullet and got one! It's almost $30 off the original price. Seriously everyone who gets it says that they live in it in the fall/winter months. I'm really hoping it works out!

The Kate Spade earrings I got as gifts, for $25 worth it. I got the candles as hostess gifts, since it comes 3 in a pack for $15, thought it was worth it, small gift that smells good, who wouldn't want that? Yes, I would break these up, so I now have 3 hostess gifts. Does anyone else do hostess gifts when going to a party?

The only thing Mr. picked out were jammies for the kids. We got each kid a pair, they absolutely love matching pajamas, how cute are they going to be in these PJ's?

The running shorts I got because...well, they were $20 and I need some running shorts. Although it is the only thing I've gotten and I'm not sure I like the fit...going to see what else I'm going to keep from the sale, and decide from there. If I'm keeping a lot of what I bought, they'll probably go back, if some of the stuff I got doesn't end up working out and I'm returning most of it, then I'll keep them. Random decision making tactics right there.

Stuff I bought at #NSale

I don't have those Tom Wedges, but I do have a similar pair from Target, totally not the same, but they look pretty darn close.

#Nsale Fall Outfit

I didn't buy all of these things, but I have those leggings, SO comfy. Another Sheaffer recommendation, that girl is always spot on. Also I have a leopard scarf and cognac boots, although those Frye still.

#NSale Fall Outfit

It seems like I bought a lot, and did, but most likely I will keep maybe half of it because of fit. But if you had to chose, what would you pick? What did you get at the Nordstrom sale? Was anyone else as excited as I was. Seriously it's my favorite sale of the year.

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