Monday, July 13, 2015

Mommy/ Son Date

Hello Monday, I seriously need to go to bed earlier, I'm tired today. At least it's my short week, I have Friday off, woo hoo! Something to look forward to. But onto our weekend.

Friday we went to a birthday party for one of Colton's school mates. It was at Scooters Jungle...this place must be all the rage, our second one in a month, watch the vlog here. I actually brought a camera, but it didn't have a battery in it...doh!

She thought this was hilarious, put the hockey puck in the goal, retrieve, repeat.

So cool that the kids are old enough to actually sit still enough to take a picture :) We told Mini Fox, okay go over there and take a picture, Baby Fox sat down and said, Mini Fox sit here, she sat right down and stayed there for a good 4-5 minutes while they wrangled kids.

Then they said to stand in line and wait to wash hands before going into the party room. They are just too cute.

Guess what her favorite part was?

Family picture

I tried to get some Thai food afterward, but when I got it home, it tasted funny, so I called and they said they make a big batch of it in the morning and it was going to come from the same batch. But then she said oh wait, they might have a made a new batch, let me check. She comes back and says she'll make me a new one. I get there, and I said I wanted to try it before I went home...and of course it was the exact same thing. They said it smelled normal, but I think it was different. Now that I think of it, I think they put too much fish sauce in it, and that's what made it funky. I hope this isn't how they make it all the time.

Saturday, I'm back with my hikes! Had to take a couple of weeks off because of Baby Fox's 1/2 birthday party and then the 4th of July. It was also the first time it wasn't foggy! Woo hoo. We could see all the way to Catalina, amazing hike with great people. Perfect way to start the weekend.

I vlogged Saturday, so not as many pictures. But come back Thursday for the Vlog

 The view without all the people.

My dad stopped by when I was making breakfast with this baseball tee, he got it for $5 at a garage sale, score!
Yep still have Baby Fox's backdrop up...don't have the heart to take down all of my hard work
 I took the kids to the grocery store, so Mr. could spray for bugs. Mini Fox thought she wanted to go on my back...she changed her mind 3 minutes later.

I actually took this picture to make sure she was in the Ergo correctly, LOL.
Saturday night I promised Baby Fox to take him to the movies and dinner for a Mommy/Son date. He was in heaven. We saw Inside Out, such a cute movie, I was literally choked up the entire movie until the end and I just couldn't help it. Luckily I had been warned and brought tissues with me.

He picked going to Islands for dinner...we're waiting for our seats and he doesn't want to take a picture. He just wants to eat.

At dinner, Baby Fox's "Mom, another one, REALLY?"

Got him to coooperate some what.

To cap off the evening we went to Yogurtland. The perfect evening with my boy.

Some Sunday morning snuggles

Off to swim lessons and this girl...when did she get to be 5?!

That ponytail kills me.

Baby Fox is doing really well in swim lessons.

The rest of Sunday was laid back, the kids went to the park with Mr. while I made dinner, then they did some swimming, really tire them out before bed. Perfect evening.

What was the best part of your weekend?

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