Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Favorites #37

Happy Friday! Yay for weekends! We actually don't have many plans, pretty low key. Mr. is set to leave on Sunday afternoon, so we're going to try and soak up as much family times as possible between now and then. But first, my favorite things this week:

 Some pictures from our Legoland trip on Wednesday.

Full disclosure we took this picture at the end of the day because we knew there wouldn't be as many people as when we got there.

Tried to get a picture with the kids....

Oh there that picture is.

Okay rewind to the beginning of the day.

Waiting in line

We found a Legoman...and we got in line just time as we were the last ones they let take pictures with him.

One of the only rides that Mini Fox was allowed on, she loved it. We probably should have gone on it twice, maybe next time. Hopefully next time she'll have grown about an inch so she can go on more rides.

They had whole cities set up, here the boys are watching the Trolly in San Francisco.

They also had a whole Star Wars lego scene.  Pretty awesome.

We went on a boat ride that Mini couldn't go on, she was trying to sneak on with us...nope not going to happen Mini Fox.

Last ride of the day and she hasn't napped.AT.ALL and is fighting the sleep.

Had to let Mini Fox go with our friends while we got past the worker and actually got in the line, almost there!

This girl loves to dance, and she's obsessed with this tutu right now.

Yesterday went to get my allergy shots (4 this time), and we stepped into the hallway to order dinner (Thai Food), he was looking out the window and Mini Fox wanted to look but couldn't reach to see, so Baby Fox lifted her up.

Holding my hand while I get my shots, haven't taken both kids to the doc before and all seemed to go well.

Got this picture at work this week, Mini Fox said she wanted to send me a picture of all the stickers she put on herself.

Also got this, she's so cute...when she wants to be.


What was your favorite part of your week?

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