Thursday, August 6, 2015

Not My Video Thursday

Okay, so I lied, I don't have my Vlog ready today. Most of the times, I'll get most of the vlog ready and then Wednesday after work I add the ending credits and the music, but last night we got home sort of late from Legoland and I was just WAY too tired to do anything other then get ready for work today...and I barely got that done.

So I figured I would show you some videos that I've been liking lately.

I thought this was a super cool video and someone has way too much time on their hands.

My old professor's husband posted this video to FB, and I thought I would show you one of the reasons I loved my college so much. Although half of the buildings are new, heck they didn't offer cable on campus until my sophomore year and the first off campus establishment...guess what it was? Jamba juice and it was a HUGE deal my Senior year. Now they have so much more, not sure if I should be jealous or just love the fact that life was so much more simple before smart phones and facebook, wait did I just date myself there?

Loving this song. I started following Brooklyn and Bailey's Mom's hair channel and then found the girls. They are so sweet and put out really sweet videos. But loving this song that they did with Peter. Wow what a voice/ how talented is Peter, all of his videos are awesome, and the fact that he does it all, mind blowing.

So what have been your favorite videos lately? Send them my way!

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