Monday, August 17, 2015

Mr. Is Home!

Hello Monday! It's just too hot, I could not sleep for the life of me last night! I tossed and turned until about 1:30 when I finally got up and turned the AC on. And then my alarm went off 3 hours later, darn you early work hours! Came way too soon.

Friday I had the day off from work. The kids woke up in a good mood.

Showing me all of her pacifiers, which she calls binky.

I was getting ready and they were hiding, I wonder where they are...??

Our pool man came and they both dragged their favorite chairs outside to show him. I made Mr. Poolman get in the picture with them. One of their favorite things to do is talk to Mr. Poolman every Friday. Plus he brings his cute little doggy.

She told me she wanted "Let it Go" hair...who am I to deny her? 

Why does she look 5 in this picture? Oh and Baby Fox picked out her outfit. He laid it all out, even the diaper, he put everything on her dresser, it was so cute.

I decided since it was so hot that we would go to a play place to get some energy out and stay cool.

Then afterwards I figured we would get Baby Fox his haircut since we missed it last week. He love playing the video games while getting his haircut, worth the extra money.

She ate lunch while she watched.

Handsome boy.

I think this is one of the first days of triple digit weather, August and September are normally our hottest months, so I guess here we go! Pardon all of the dust on my dash.

He wanted to show me how he could carry his own chair.

Dinner was Persian, the kids absolute favorite thing to eat.

Usually Mr. and I put our stuff on their flat bread, Mini Fox tried to copy cute.

My mom and sister wanted to go to the movies, so they came over after dinner with my dad, who watched the kids while we went to the movies. We saw Ricki, it was a cute movie, but definitely a renter.

Saturday I actually vlogged and of course I took pictures too. We went to a splash park at a friends community, I really think splash park is an understatement, there must be some other word for what we went to. I was NOT expecting this. Every 2-3 minutes a giant bucket would dump water on everyone.

Lunch time.

The closest Baby Fox would get to the waterfall of water. He rallied later and got under the water, which I videoed instead.

She had a blast!

Wearing Mommy's hat.

The girls playing with all of the toys. See all those toys lined up behind Mini Fox? Guess who did that? haha.

Then Baby Fox wanted to stay at their house while I took Mini Fox back to our house. His very first playdate when I wasn't there. Both boys were so excited.

After nap time for Ms. Mini Fox we headed back to their house to go to my friends school festival. Free food and stuff for the kids to do? Yes please! This is how I found the boys when I got there, they rallied and were playing. Captain America vs. Storm Trooper...who won?

They had a shaved ice truck, the kids thought it was the best thing ever.

After filling them with sugar, we let them burn it all off by going on the different things, 5 million times.

Yep I carried Mini Fox up this thing at least 6 times.

Waiting in line silly faces.

We were in line to climb a tree. Both boys got up about 4 feet and freaked out and stopped, I made it to the top, it was fun, but hard on the feet with no shoes.

It was a really fun day with friends, too bad we never got a picture with all of us in it..oops!

Late Saturday night Mr. finally came home! He had the best time and is so excited for school to start. I don't know if I told you, but he was at his MBA orientation.

Sunday everyone was tired, okay mostly Mommy and Daddy, so it was fairly low key. We did swim lessons.

and I took two naps, yep two naps. Mr. thought he would take a picture of me sleeping.

And then I didn't take another picture, oops. Well Mr. did but he never sent me the pictures, but we bought Baby Fox his soccer stuff, now it's really official I'm a soccer mom, haha!

How was your weekend? What was your highlight?

Mine was Mr. coming home!

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