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Style Me Bloggers - What Inspires Me

Hey, hey, happy Friday! Today is the LAST link-up for the Style Me Bloggers link up, today's topic is What Inspires Me. At first I wasn't going to do this link up, I just wasn't sure if I wanted to participate and quite frankly I just didn't want to think that hard. But after Deena asked me, are you sure? I thought, you know what? I'm going to just do it, I can do this!

But before I start, I have a big announcement for you all. We're all super excited about it, but you're gonna have to wait for it, haha, see what I did there?

Okay now onto what inspires me.

This girl: My Sister

I don't talk about my extended family much, but she really does inspire me. She has the most amazing work ethic, is one of the most loyal people I know, and is the life of the party. She walks into a room and the whole atmosphere gets a lift in spirits. She has her business that she works tirelessly into the night/early mornings and then into the next day.  No matter what happens nothing gets her down, she's always trying to stay positive. She inspires me to know that you can do anything if you set your mind to it. I hope and pray she gets everything in life, she deserves it.

My friends, that's so cliche so I'm going to point one out specifically to make it a little less cliche. This girl:

I met her almost 2 years ago at a Christmas cookie exchange. I remember thinking she was so bubbly and was ALWAYS smiling. You know those people when you meet them and you just know that you have to be friends with them? She was that person. I just knew I wanted to be friends with her.

And this is what she brought to the cookie party, these cakes in little mini jars, how absolutely adorable is that?! She basically cookie red velvet cake, then cut them into squares that would fit down in there, the layered them with some frosting.

Anyway enough about the dessert. She and her fiance have the two best kids. They are constantly on the go and taking their kids to new experiences. She inspires me to not be afraid of doing things, she wants to do something and she just does. She inspires me to always smile and to be a positive person. Plus she's the best baker and makes really yummy desserts, so that's a bonus in a friend right?


When I saw this quote it really spoke to me. I feel this exact way about my kids. My kids inspire me to be the best person I can be. When they look back at their childhood, I want them to remember the times that we snuggled on the couch watching Frozen/Spiderman for the 100th time instead of me doing the dishes. They can wait, they won't ever remember the messy house but they will remember how it felt when I was with them. I want them to always feel loved, nurtured and cared for. They inspire me to go outside of my comfort zone because it makes them laugh...Yep I'm that person doing ring around the rosy in the check out line at the grocery store because they wanted me to.

When I got pregnant with Baby Fox I joined Baby Center, doesn't everyone? I joined my specific due date month group, just to talk to other people going through the same thing as you. Fast forward 5 years and a group of us branched off and made a FB group and have stayed friends since. I haven't met a majority of them but I feel like they know me almost better than my friends in real life do. We are always there for each other. They inspire me to always be encouraging. To always uplift each other, even when we're having a bad day, they are too, and we can bring each other spirits up. They don't judge and always encourage to do what's best for you and your family.

The other internet friends I've made are the Style Me Bloggers! I found this group of ladies because we all had the need to feel better about the way we looked. Yep we needed help getting dressed, so we all clicked yes, paid the money and got a list of clothes. What we didn't expect was to find a group of ladies who were so encouraging you couldn't help but smile at every single one of the awkward outfit posts and then wish you could look that beautiful/genuine being that awkward too. We have come from all walks of life, all different circumstances, but we all have a love for shopping and looking/feeling great!

That being said here is my big announcement! This will be the last Style Me Bloggers link up, but guess what? We've come to the conclusion that we've outgrown our Style Me Bloggers name, it brought us together but what is going to keep us together is a new blog, called The Blended Blog, it's going to be a collaboration of all of us, we realized that each one of us has a different strengths and weakness so we figured, hey lets add a little more to our plate and create another blog where we can share everything we know. So get ready for more info on the Blended Blog to be launched Fall of 2015!

Here's a sneak peak:

If you're interested in doing a guest post for something that you're passionate about, send me an email or comment below!

Now go check out the other ladies and see what inspires them.

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