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Show and Tell Tuesday - Who Was I In High School?

Hi there! Andrea is asking and I'm answering who I was in High School.

Where I grew up, 9th grade was still considered Junior High, but we were allowed to participate in some of the high school activities, like Marching Band. So every morning my Dad would drop me off at 7am at the high school for marching band practice, then a bunch of us would walk to the Junior High down the street. What instrument did I play you ask? I played Trombone...I wish I had a picture of me with my trombone, but for some reason I can't find a single one. I think they are all at my parents, must go find them when I get a chance. Some of my band friends.

Band was pretty all consuming. I started at 7am with marching band in the Fall and jazz band in the Spring. This is when we went to the Reno Jazz festival and got 2nd in our division, pretty good.

But let's go back to marching band. Let's face it, I can be an over achiever at times, and the first day of band camp in 9th grade, and as soon as I saw the Drum Major (the student conducting the band on the ladder) and the Assistant Drum Major I knew I wanted to do that too. Try outs start Spring of Sophomore year, and it's quite an extensive try out. It was 3 months of prep and 1 week of tryouts. Here's what I had to do the week of try outs:
Monday = Come up with a routine for a parade and do the walk and salute to the judges
Tuesday = I had to put my own band together, find music and teach it to them, when it came down to the actual day, I had about 30 people show up to help me out, it was amazing and I really wish I had a picture of that.
Wednesday = The Music Director gave me a music score on Tuesday afternoon and I had to learn it and then conduct the Wind Ensemble (the highest level at our school). Talk about nerve wracking!
Thursday = The interview - which was basically a test to see how long it would take me to break.

But in the end, I won! I was the first girl to win in 6 years...talk about pressure.

Let's zoom into that first picture. Yep that's me in the front there, totally serious and ready to kill it...literally, haha, just kidding. But I was very serious.

I think being Drum Major is one of my biggest accomplishments, it was hard, it challenged me and I definitely wouldn't change it for anything, it shaped who I am today.

My Senior picture, still hanging in my parents apartment. They took it when the down sized and hung it up in their new apartment, haha.

Band friends, one of our friend's sisters dubbed us S.S. (Snob Squad) because we were always together and gossiping about everyone else. We ran with it.

But I also did other stuff too, like dress up with our mom's and go to Grease's 20th Annivesary Showing.

I also got confirmed my sophomore year of high school. In case you're new here or haven't read all of my archives...haha, I have a brother that is 9 months younger than me, and in the same grade, so we pretty much did everything together.

Bottom left picture, decorating a float for the Rose Parade, part of Confirmation is volunteering.
Hanging with friends on unoffical senior ditch day. The whole school thought it was a good idea to ditch 98 days before we graduated. Thing is the rest of the school decided to do it too, I think they had like 50% attendance that day, boy did we get in trouble for that one! But we did have fun going to Santa Monica and having some fun at the beach and shopping.

I had really great friends in high school, on my birthday they came and got me, dressed me in the most ridiculous outfit and then paraded me around town.

Oh and of course prom. Who could forget prom? the picture on the top left, My brother, me and a friend from Kindergarten! We've grown up together, and we still talk and see each other often to this day.

OH wait, did I tell you I was also on the Diving team? Again I have none of those pictures. I wasn't that great, but it sure was fun.

and finally graduation, I had so much fun with my brother being in all of the same classes, same friends, it was like I was a twin but not. It was really weird when I went off to college without him.

creeper in the background

Oh and to end our high school experience we all took a cruise. I paid for my trip working at all of my various jobs (will tell you about those later, another Tuesday Show and Tell). Random side story, the guy on the top right picture, ended up marrying one of my friends who did not go on the cruise with us. They came to visit us a few months after the cruise and they hit it off and got married, crazy how life works right?

And that my friends is me in high school, bangs wearing, straight A student.

Who were you in high school? Tell me in the comments below!

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