Monday, August 24, 2015

Our Weekend Recap on a Tuesday

Hi all! Happy Monday, I have today off so it really is a happy Monday. Okay so I started to write this on Monday and now it's Monday night and I never pushed publish, so you're getting it on a Tuesday, but I'm publishing Monday night. Anyways,  I have Friday off so I only have a 3 day work week, woo hoo!

But back to Friday, I accidentally woke up late. Mr. rolls over and asks me what time it is, I tell him 6:30 and he's like shouldn't you be at work?! Oops! So I ended up working from home, which was nice because I wasn't on the road for 2 hours. After I was done with work we watched a little TV while waiting for Daddy to get home from work.

Then she threw a tantrum, she wanted another chip, but we didn't have any more, so she threw herself on the ground.

Then I started taking pictures and she got really made...haha...

The kids made some fox cookies during the day, so they got to eat the fruit of their labor, yummy. Yep, cookies before dinner. That's how we roll.

Daddy was home and we were sitting down for dinner and we decided to take some photos with Daddy's phone. I love how Baby Fox's tongue is rolled, so cute.

Saturday we picked up my Mother-In-Law and the first stop...In and Out. What is with us and In and Out?

After naps we did a little swimming.

and went to dinner with my MIL's sister.

This girl was obsessed with chips and salsa, but didn't want to eat it.

I went to the gym before the kids got up. I went to a Turbo Kick class, I hadn't been to one since I got pregnant with Mini Fox, so it's been a while. I now remember why I stopped, my ankle does not like this class. Boo, maybe after my surgery things will be better.
The kids wanted waffles for breakfast.
And Mr. wanted an omelet.
Then this girl and I went to here, can you guess where we are?

We rushed home and went to swim lessons, and Mommy got to sit in the back with them, they were so excited.

This was his last swim lesson because we're starting up soccer in a few weeks, we'll miss his teacher.

After we got back we dropped the kids and Mr. off at the house and MIL and I went shopping and got the kids way too much stuff! It was super fun. I might have bought the kids matching Turkey jammies...I can't resist matching jammies. Waiting for them to get the skeletons in.

My parents wanted to see MIL, so we went to their place for dinner. We made's this German dish that is part egg/part pancake...sort of. I took pictures, coming soon.
Nothing like forcing your family into a selfie.

Monday we just went to a small splash park at the mall and relaxed. I vlogged it, so the video will do better, since I didn't take too many pictures.

MIL leaves tomorrow and we're going to miss having her here. But she'll be back in November for Thanksgiving, yay! Hope you have a great Tuesday!

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