Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Summer Uniform

Happy Hump Day, although I only have one more day and then it's the weekend for me! Gotta love getting every other Friday off. Living in Southern California typically our hottest months are in August/September and most of October (somehow every year on Halloween the seasons finally change and it's actually cold). My outfits most days consist of shorts and tank tops or tees. I'm loving this tee right now, it's loose and so comfy, everyone should have one, seriously. It's on sale, and in colors I don't have, too bad I put a self imposed ban on clothes shopping this month, darn it!

I love the pop of color in the earrings and the bracelets, it makes it easy to wear chasing kids around, but still put together.

I've been trying to do my hair more lately, I was thinking of doing a hair challenge in September. A different hair style everyday for a week? What do you think? Anyone else want to join me?

In case you were wondering those are most definitely not my eyelashes, those are the Ardell 120 Demi Wispies. My favorite eyelashes ever.

The lipstick I added two colors together, sorry can't remember which ones.

I think the hair challenge is going to be fun...I hope! I'm taking a week off in September, just hang out with the kids, was thinking I would do it that week will have more time on my hands...hopefully. Who's with me?!

And onto some randoms:

Mr finally got his new phone, which means I got a "new" phone, woo hoo! It works so much faster than my old phone and it takes way better pictures! I've already dropped the phone sevearal times, that thing is small and slippery. I've ordered a new case with the kids picture on it from Picaboo (not affiliated link, I just really like the product), have you used them before? They're pretty awesome and they always have a sale going on. I got a tough iPhone case with the kids picture on it for $20 plus S&H. Pretty good right?

This is Baby Fox's favorite part of swim lessons, getting to jump in.

The face of a kid who does not want his picture all.

And last random for today, for some reason I got on an Acapella kick last week and I'm still on it. This video is pretty awesome, and this guy has amazing talent. Go to 1:25 and see how he breaks down the different sounds, mind still blown on this one.  Then at 3:17 he literally shows you all the layers that went into making it. He does this with a lot of his videos. Anyone else with me on this? Just me?....anyone?

Hope you're having a great Wednesday.

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