Wednesday, August 19, 2015

An Outfit + An Obsession

Happy Hump Day! Okay that might be a little enthusiastic. But in any case, half way to Friday! And what's a Wednesday without an outfit post? I totally forgot that I could twin Deena with this shirt, until I found it in a bag that I guess I hadn't unpacked everything. Oops! I was totally excited when I found it because I remembered how much I loved it. Super light weight and easy to wear in the hot months coming.

Instead of doing a half tuck like I normally do, I decided to go with a tie, loved it.

I didn't really go into much detail yesterday, but thought I would share my dirty little secret, okay not really. My name is Sarah and I'm a scrapbooker. I started it back before it was even the "it" thing to do, Christmas 1996 my Mom thought it would be a cool thing to do together, we took a class and I ran with it.

That first green binder (this was back when the scrapbook pages only came in 8.5" x 11") was the book my mom bought me. It was a three ring binder with the cover pages. In order it goes:

Green = Highschool
Light Blue = Freshman/Sophomore years of College
Burgundy =  Sophomore/Junior Years of College
Dark Blue = Junior/Senior Years of College
White = After College

But wait there is more:

Another whole cabinet worth.

Okay not all of them are scrapbooks, just the very bottom shelf. The two boxes on the bottom shelf are our wedding pictures, that didn't make the album (see below). Yep we got married before the digital age, rather the digital cameras were just becoming popular, I have 36 rolls of film of our wedding.

The middle shelf has the pictures in just a regular photo albums of the photos that didn't make it into the scrapbook.

Top shelf has some more pictures that I've printed and done nothing with, and photobooks that I've made online. I have an addiction I tell ya. One day I'll do a review on which photobooks services I like the most, I'm tried probably half a dozen or so...

The two black books on the left are the pictures our photographer printed and put in albums for us. The rest of those are Shutterfly 8x8 books of random things we've done.

The photo books stand up on the left are of our vacations together. I knew I wasn't going to be able to scrapbook our vacations, so I bought picture photobooks with the little ledger on the side of each picture, so I could jot down what the picture was. The the books on the right are ones I made online. That green journal looking I'm owning my crazy, like Erika says. That journal holds every single feed/poop/pee/sleep that both kids did for the first 6 months of least. It was actually helpful when we had Mini Fox to see what Baby Fox did at that same age.

And there you have it, all of my photos that I've printed so far. Maybe next time I'll show you all of my scrapbooking supplies, I could give Michael's a run for their money. Not even joking.

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