Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Favorites #38

Happy Friday! Only 36 more hours until Mr. gets home...give or take, I just don't feel like doing math. My favorites this week. I didn't take a picture, but I sort of loved working from home this week. I wish I could do it every week, but alas it was a special occasion with Mr. being gone.

Since we're going to be soccer family soon, I thought we needed some proper soccer watching chairs. My cousin has these and loves them, so we figured we'd give them a try. These are the kid chairs, and they pretty much haven't left the front of the TV.

Testing them out

After naps and they're right back in them...and why does Mini Fox look like she's 7?! You know just chillin' with a book Mom.

When the kids had the convertible car seat and the infant car seat the middle seat was pretty much useless,  but since buying Baby Fox his new car seat, I can actually fit. Now when we have 5 people we don't have to take two cars, woo hoo! I wouldn't want to take a long car trip, but it worked! Glad I thought of it now, just before MIL comes to town!

Mr. is at his MBA orientation and he says the student center is amazing. I think we need to visit and I need to try out this wall, how cool is that?!

Then he got a glimpse of the marching band, I love marching bands, just wished they showed us the half time shows at football games on tv, instead of recapping what we just saw!

We went to dinner with my parents last night. Too hot to cook, so we went to our usual, In and Out. I need longer arms.

Mini Fox's new thing is to ask Papa (she calls him Papa, Baby Fox calls him Ampa) to tell her a story, she's really into this one. As soon as he finishes, she says more!

Afterwards they kids wanted to take their bath at Ampa and Nana's house. Baby Fox is such a good brother, helping sister to reach the button. I die of cuteness.

I did not pick out her boots, she did, she loves those things

Baby Fox wanted to take selfies with my phone...there were 10 others that didn't make the cut.

Then suddenly he says, Mommy jump in.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend! We have a splash pad and a school carnival to look forward to!

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