Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Favorites #60

Wow, I've done a Friday favorites for 60 weeks, crazy! Well happy Friday Foxy People. I have today off, and am going for my year physical...wish me luck.

In case you missed it this week:


Monday: Over on The Blended Blog I posted a tutorial on How to Make a Burlap Easter Wreath

While cruising around Facebook land, I watched this video and while it's an ad for Under Armour, I think it's a really good commercial showing us just how hard those athletes work, tirelessly, day after day. I for one CANNOT WAIT for the summer Olympics. How about you?

Guess what? I won a giveaway! I know right?! So exciting, it definitely gets a spot on my favorites for this week! Thank you to Beth, Courtney and Whitney you made my week!

This is all of the goodies I won! Fantastic right?


Speaking of giveaways, don't forget to enter ours! The ladies over at The Blended Blog decided to celebrate our new Style Perspective series with a $65 giveaway to Pay Pal! Don't forget to enter, if you don't enter you can't win! See above, I entered, I won! And I won't even make you click back on the post that has some super cute outfits and super cute hairstyles and the initial giveaway announcement.

I continue on my pursuit to wear my closet, like I said here. 10 days in and feeling good! So far I feel like this is really making me be intentionally with my outfits, thinking, I might want to wear that shirt next week to..(fill in the blank) so I wear something else. My first few days of outfits can be found here. Here are days 4-10:


Because what would a favorites post be without my favorite kids? Some pictures from the week:

Sunday we went to visit my cousin and her new baby, she is the sweetest little thing ever!

When the kids woke up Baby Fox sung Hush Little Baby to his sister. It was the cutest, Mr. got a video, but haven't gotten a chance to get it off his phone yet.

Park time!

We had some left over Heavy Cream from some cookies I made, so Mr. made some whipped cream, cause why not. The kids loved it!

oh and some pictures of me being silly taking my photos for Wednesdays post. I keep meaning to put them at the bottom of the post, but then you get them now. I'm such a dork. I know.

I have today off, so it's my weekend, woo hoo! Hope everyone has a great day/weekend! See you on Monday!

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