Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Happy Birthday Mr.!

Today is Mr.'s Birthday! Happy, Happy Birthday!

I made him his favorite cake over the weekend (he really wanted it early so that he could enjoy it for several days before) I'm thinking there might not be cake left tonight when my parents come over for dinner. Which I'm making his favorite dinner, meatloaf. The kids are pretty stoked too, they started jumping up and down screaming yay when I told them what was for dinner.

I figured I would give you a list, cause who doesn't like a list of things I love about Mr.

Let's the kids do things I would never let them do:

She actually climbed up to the top...by herself, when he realized how dangerous it was and went up to retrieve her...but she thought she was queen bee for that moment in time.

Need I say more?

Puts up with all of my selfies I want to take:

Is always playing with the kids, where ever we go.

Takes pictures like this because he knows that I'll love it.

Loves to cuddle on any baby within holding distance. Literally he will walk into a room, wash his hands and have his hands on the baby before I even enter the house.

So if you ever want a baby cuddler/whisperer, seriously he can get any baby to stop crying, come on over and he'll hold yours and let you eat any time!

Even with our own kids, you would often times find him like this...seriously the only way I got to hold my own kids was because they needed sustanance from me.

Baby Fox

Mini Fox

Takes me out on great dates:

Yep another Selfie

Did our house shopping for us and just showed me the options and then convinced me to buy this orange house that need a lot of work. He had vision and I appreciate that.

Takes a lot of my outfits photos for me...without complaining...

And I'm always finding little gems like this while going through pictures:

Takes tons of pictures for me of the kids while I am away, because he knows I live for pictures and because he knows I miss the kids like crazy. I love the ones he gets before he leaves for work, they are just too cute together. Baby Fox is singing hush little baby to her.

Takes the kids to the doctors and the dentist because his work schedule is more flexible than mine.
Then sends me pictures like this with the caption: You said there weren't any shots...there are. 

Drives 300+ miles in one day to visit my Grandma with both kids. Trooper. And then keeps all of the kids entertained.

As you can see, I am pretty fond of this guy. I hope that he has the best birthday ever and that we get to celebrate many, many more together! I'm taking half day on Friday and we're going to a early movie and dinner! Going to see the last of the Divergent Series, we're so excited!

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