Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend Recap

It seems that I haven't done one of these in a couple of weeks. I had a three day weekend, it was glorious, but that means that next week I have to work 5 days, boo! But it was a super relaxing weekend, which is how I like it.

Friday I dropped Baby Fox off at Preschool then Mini Fox wanted to see Mr. Ed our pool guy. She loves hanging out with him. She wanted to show him her new bubble gun. It made her ridiculously happy, and the bubbles ran out in 2.5 seconds. Worth it, need to go find some more bubbles.

After that me and Mini Fox did a few errands, went and dropped off some cookies to a friend (forgot to take pictures), went to the bank and then went to Costco. We went into the cold room at Costco and this is how she prepared herself...DRAMA QUEEN. Oh and to be that flexible again...

After I picked Baby Fox up from school I took the kids over to my parents for naptime so I could head out to the doctors. On my way back, I might have taken a detour to the mall to pick up some Easter stuff for the kids and some bike shorts for Mini Fox. Now that she's potty trained, bloomers aren't going to cut it anymore under her dresses. I picked up Mr. to go with me to pick up the kids, they love riding in the cart to the car.

My mom came over for dinner, and since she didn't have a car, my dad picked her up on the way home from and watched the end of Inside Out.

Saturday was pretty low key, this girl helped making breakfast.

Then we took the kids to the park before I had to head out to look at a venue for the Gala I'm helping organize.

And just this weekend this guy got brave and jumped from the highest he's ever jumped from. Yes it looked this high in person.

Saturday night I did a lot of cooking. I made Mr. his birthday cake, since I won't have time to do it on Tuesday and he wanted me to make in on Saturday so he could eat it all weekend. They kept me company while I cooked.

I just thought it was so cute, when the egg hatched she threw her hands up and said POP!

Sunday was really nice too. Church followed by me eating my very first donut in 8 years.

this girl loves her some donuts.

We headed home and the kids wanted to go to the park again. She's getting better at her scooter.

I tried to go with Baby Fox around our loop while I ran, but I ended up having to stop too much.

We went on the swings.

Mr. and this little lady went for a small hike.

When we met back up we went on another hike in the other direction.

We walked up to see this thing. The kids couldn't wait to get in it.

They are so cute.

Sunday night was pretty low key, naps followed by a yummy pork chop dinner. How was your weekend? If you have kids how did they handle the time change? Mine did pretty good, but we'll see how they do tonight when bed time comes.
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