Thursday, April 7, 2016

Country Crock Review

In full disclosure I received a coupon for a free container of Country Crock, I was not compensated for this post; however, I am creating this post as part of a contest.  

Hello Foxy Friends! Guess what? I got my very first VoxBox! It was totally random, but I received some Country Crock for free! Can't pass that up.  I don't think I've had Country Crock in ages!

Hey remember when I told you I had food allergies? For those that don't know, I couldn't eat soy, corn, dairy, chicken, nuts or peanuts...I know chicken, it's a weird one. Anyways, I started doing allergy shots, I'm in month 10 of them. The Allergist had told me he thought that I wasn't truly allergic to those foods, rather I had so many environmental allergies that my body was perceiving those foods as allergen. So fast forward 10 months and just this past month I've been trying new foods! Can I tell you how good everything tastes! I have really been missing out! Anyway, enter getting this free container of Country Crock. It was meant to be! Country Crock has no dairy in it, so it was perfect for me to try it out my soy "allergy"...

Of course what did I do? I made some cookies...

I have been trying dairy here and there, and so far I get a lot of heartburn (TMI?), so I still used my special Vegan chocoloate chips. If you are in the market, these are delicious!

So onto the cookies. I used the chocolate chip recipe from the back of the Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chips.

Usually I use light brown sugar but we were out, who let that happen?

Next time I make these, I'm definitely going to buy the stick version of Country Crock so that I don't have to do this:

Ready to mix.

The mix did come out super watery. I'm wondering if I use the sticks if it would be less watery? But I continued on.

I figured I've already gotten this far, might as well keep going right? The cookies did come out flat, probably because they were pretty watery. So the first set in the oven I didn't use any cooking spray, and the cookies stuck to the tray a bit.

The next set I used my Silicone Baking Mat...which worked like a dream and the cookies just slide right off.

Even though they were flat, Baby Fox didn't have any problems choking it down.

So much so that he finished off the cookie before I even got a good picture.

So then I had to give him another one so I could get a picture...for you guys. I know he took one for the team and ate another cookie.

Verdict is:

Baby Fox -  said they were the best cookies ever! Imagine if I had used real chocolate chips instead of the vegan ones.

Me - I've been eating dairy free, soy free cookies for the last 8 years...these were fantastic. I did find a vegan type baking substitute that I use, that is good, but has no taste, so it sort of makes anything you're baking taste a little flat. Using the Country Crock gave it so much more flavor. Now that I can us Country Crock, game changer. It has so much more flavor and I'm looking forward to using it more and more!

Also I tried it on toast...of course I've found a toast substitute that is good, but the Country Crock is much better! Before I post the picture, I'm going to tell you that I like the ends of the loaf of bread...and I don't mind the little burnt pieces...While the picture doesn't look good, it tasted great! Nothing like eating the butt of a sour dough, yum! Anyone else? Am I the only one?

Have you tried Country Crock lately? If not you should! I know I'm going to be buying some more!

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