Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Style Perspectives: A Plaid Look and Hair Challenge Week 17!

Hello Foxy Fashion Friends. Yet another week of the Style Perspectives with The Blended Blog! I am loving seeing everyone style the prompts and meeting new people through the link up! Keep 'em coming!

This week Alison is up with a plaid look, go check out how she style her signature look.

Summer Plaid look

Now onto the hair, I found a thing that can twist your hair at Target, so I had to try it. This was the result.
I thought it was different, but I'm thinking my hair might be too long to use it. I was watching a youtube video and she made it look so wasn't. This took me a good 20 minutes.

Twisted Hair

In case you missed it, we all styled Deena's signature look with a good 'ol graphic tee. Here's the recap.

We're on week 17 of the hair challenge. I feel like each week I'm getting a little better. Monday I talked about my favorite products I use in my hair if you are interested.

I forgot to take a front shot of this hair style when I did the back, that's why it's so dark #bathroomlighting


This was the newest  hair tutorial from Cute Girls Hair Styles.

Pull Thru ponytail

This was the style I was trying to do in Vegas, but totally failed, but then ended up with that cool braided bun, so it all worked out in the end. But I finally conquered it, woo hoo!

Pull Through Braid

Sunday just felt like a high pony tail kind of of day.

High Pony Tail

Monday, my hair was a wreck and I tried to do a messy bun...but it really just didn't work. I seriously have not conquered that stupid hair style. Everyone always makes it look so darn easy! It's not...I repeat it is not easy!

Nor is it easy to take a pictures of said bun with black hair...

This was like picture number 10, and I just started making faces because they all looked dumb. See I even showed you the dumb pictures I took, and you can't even see the hair.

That's it for this week! Did you do anything fun with your hair this week?

Next weeks prompt is: Leggings and a scarf! Start thinking of your outfits!
Now go check out how the other ladies styled their Plaid look.

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