Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekend Recap

Hello Foxy Friends! Today is a short week, I'm headed to Vegas with some fellow Blended Blog ladies for a blogger conference. I'm so stinkin' excited and nervous at the same time. I just hope and pray I'm not all awkward...

I had Friday off so I made a follow up doctor appointment for my ankle...more scar issue stuff, boo. But hopefully in the next few weeks it will be better. Fingers crossed. I picked up Mini Fox from my parents who had decided to have a tea party with every animal they own.

 Then I picked up Baby Fox from school and we met up with my sister and mom for lunch.

Baby Fox had his first Crepe...he liked Deena when we come visit get out your crepe making pan :)

Mr. was still gone so after naps we took a quick bath and I took the kids to get a movie from the Red Box and pick up a few things from the grocery store. But first some posing in the chip isle.

The kids wanted to snuggle up and watch their Lego movie.

Baby Fox wanted to sing Mini Fox her night time hush little baby song.

Mr. got home safe and sound and the kids could not have been more excited...
We went to what I would equate to the NFL draft...what you might ask it was? Yea the lottery for my trying to get my kid into school...crazy I tell ya. We didn't get in, but hey it's okay, we have other options...and bottom line eventually he's going to learn right? Seriously...this was the lottery drawing...
Then we hit up the mall to pick up the pre-sale Star Wars I bought a while ago. Of course the Disney Store had a cool presentation/interactive thing for the kids.

Mini Fox got her first lesson in wearing in your shoes...poor thing.
 These three watched some of the Star Wars movie and made popcorn while I was at the grocery store. Sneaky people.
Sunday while I was getting ready, these guys did some snuggling.
We headed to the flower fields and had the best time. We thought it was going to rain, but went anyway, and as soon as we got there the sun can out and it was gorgeous! Come back on Thursday to see the rest of the pictures for the Picture Perfect Project!
We got a really late lunch at In and Out and guess what? I actually got to eat the bun, and I didn't get sick! Woo hoo!

They were getting a little tired...

So we headed home for naps and then had dinner at my parents, which I forgot to take pictures of, oops! But we had a great weekend. I can't wait for you to see all of the flower field pictures!
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