Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Style Perspectives: Spring Sweater + Jeans + Flats + Week 14 of The Hair Challenge

Hello Foxy Fashion Friends. Yet another week of the Style Perspectives with The Blended Blog! I am loving seeing everyone style the prompts and meeting new people through the link up!

This week it's Lana's perspective and she chose a Spring Sweater + Jeans + Flats. In case you didn't know, she is one of the people to inspire me to wear my closet. I can't wait to see what she comes up. Don't forget to go check to see how she styled it, I'm sure she came up with something fabulous!

To tell you the truth I don't own many Spring sweaters, it just doesn't get very cold here so there really isn't a need for them. So I styled the most Spring sweater I have, which isn't all that Springy...ah well!

In case you missed it last week. This is how everyone was styling their Bright pants, everyone did a fantastic job right? Loving all of the red pants!

Onto the Hair Challenge Week 14!

Last Wednesday I did a simple braid in my hair. I like it because it gets it off of my face and then when I got to the gym I just have to throw it up in a pony tail. I like doing my hair like this because I have a lot of baby hair still growing out and if it's not in the braid it just gets in my way.

Thursday I decided to curl my hair, I had a few extra moment in the morning, so I figure heck why not!

Then as I was scrolling through IG I saw that Pantene was holding a contest, all you have to do is take a picture of your blown out hair or curls and use #helloAirSpray #panteneXbloglovin and #contest and guess what you win? A trip to NYC for a girls night away...woo hoo! I'm all in, fingers crossed I win, although highly doubtful.

Friday I decided to try the Travel Braids again...apparently I forgot to link the youtube account last's Kate from Small Things Blog. She has great tutorials.

My hair is much longer than hers, so I end up having to snake it around a lot. Mr. says he likes it, as long as he likes it...I'm good with that.

Saturday I went to a bridal shower and I knew Mr. and I were going to go on our Anniversary date as soon as we got back, so I wanted to have my hair done for both...something casual enough for both things, this twisted crown was perfect.

This might be one of my favorite styles yet...simple yet elegant.

Sunday I tried a Crown braid...although it didn't really work out like the tutorial, but it was still easy. They always make their braids look so do they do that?! Funny that this one looks a lot like the one from my Style Perspectives, but it's not...this is an actual braid, while the one up there, is a series of a LOT of rubber bands! Funny how they look the same but I went about getting them in a totally different way.

That's all I did this week. Monday was just a lazy day and Tuesday I stayed home so it went up into a pony tail...oops! Oh well we all of them! Don't leave just yet! Guess what? I'm part of an amazing group of bloggers and we're going to give you a $200 gift card to Target! Think of all of the things you can get at Target with that?! It's an IG follow one, so find some new IG accounts, win $200, what could be easier?!



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Join us next week for Style Perspectives, the theme is: Jeans, Tee, Cardi, Statement Necklace

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  1. Sweater plus jeans plus flats is such a classic combo - it's an essential part of my momiform that's stylish and functional. Thanks for sharing!