Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Style Perspectives: The Graphic Tee and Hair Challenge Week 16

Hello Foxy Fashion Friends. Yet another week of the Style Perspectives with The Blended Blog! I am loving seeing everyone style the prompts and meeting new people through the link up! Keep 'em coming!

This week was Deena's choice, and she could not have picked anything more like her than a graphic tee. I basically think they are one in the same...okay not really, but seriously love the prompt. Fun fact...I did not own a graphic tee until last year during one the style challenges.

Then I decided to style my very first Graphic Tee that I got...It was the first one that really spoke to me...

Now onto the hair...I actually got a machine to do the twists (hopefully unboxing video coming soon, it's been recorded, now I just need to find the time to put it together), so I twisted three together and then braided the three twists together.

And how could pass up a jumping shot, curteosy of Mr...because I took about 15 with the remote timer and failed miserably and was sweaty hot.

Tip #1: Key to looking good in a jumping shot...make sure to tuck your knees up behind you, makes you look like you've gone higher than you really have.

Tip #2: Set your camera to rapid fire picture taking, so the person taking the picture just rapid fires and you're sure to get the peak of your jump.

Now go check out Deena's post on The Blended Blog, I think she has something pretty fun up her sleeve...

In case you missed it, here is how everyone styled their Tee, Cardi, Jeans and statement necklaces.

Okay now onto the hair challenge. I actually did pretty good with this, mostly because I was at the conference in Vegas and you know, dress to impress right?

This was last Wednesday. I needed to do something, since nothing was done Monday or Tuesday. I threw these braids in and put them together and I probably couldn't repeat this even if I wanted. I was tired and just trying to do anything in less than 10 minutes.

Thursday was driving to Vegas. I don't like wearing ponytails while driving, so I threw it up like this...sort of like this video, hers looks way better, ah well. This was taken after driving for 4 hours and walking it's a little messed up from when I started.

I totally forgot to take a picture of my hair on Friday, how could I?! Here's front view...Oops. And now I can't even remember how it looked in the back, so much happened, yikes!

This style was because Deena said she said someone on Canada's version of The View (it's called The Social), anyway Lainey, had something sort of like this, but not really. But we got the style inspiration from her.

Sunday was spent all day shopping. I was trying to do this hair style, but couldn't hear the directions, for some reason the audio was out, and it was too hard to follow, so I just threw it in a few knots and called it a day.

I even got a comment on the elevator from a hair dresser trying to figure out what I had fun having someone that's a professional asking me how I did my hair!

That's it on the hair front. Next weeks prompt is: A plaid looks, bring out that Spring Plaid and bring your A game next week.

Now go check out how the other ladies styled their graphic tee look.

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  2. LOVE that dreamer tee and you jumping in wedges will NEVER cease to amaze me.