Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Favorites #83

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! So happy it's Friday, I'm taking Monday off to take Baby Fox to his Kindergarten meet the teacher...yikes! Is this really happening? Anyway, here are my favorites from the week.

In case you missed it on the blog. I actually skipped Monday, the first weekday I've skipped this year! We had our house tented and I forgot my mouse to do any computer work, oops! It was a nice break to just do nothing and watch tv while the kids napped.

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We got our house tented over the weekend so we headed to the mountains to stay with some friends and visit my bestie, such a great time. The kids wanted to wear matching shirts, so matching shirts it was. In case you were wondering it's The Shirt that Notre Dame comes out with each year.

I realized that the gas company turned off the gas earlier than I was making breakfast. I had already promised the kids pancakes, so I improvised and made some pancake muffins instead. These are mini muffin pans.

They turned out perfect, considering I didn't have any oil or butter or spray of any kind to help them get out, the were easy to get out and the kids LOVED them.

Okay back to the trip, car full and we're finally off! Daddy/Son matching sunglasses.

We hung out with my bestie and her family a lot. Friday we went to dinner with them and got our faces painted.

Saturday we went to my besties son's scrimmage football game, then out to breakfast...we had two tired kids on our hands.

The rest of Saturday we relaxed and hung out.

Then my bestie and I got out on our own for some drinks and dessert. It was 3 hours by ourselves, it was amazing! Laughing catching up, talking Mom stuff...glorious, I hope it can happen more often. We're thinking girls weekend sometimes in October.

Sunday we were able to go home, so it was all systems go for cleaning up...ugh! But we're slowly getting there...very, very slowly!
We transitioned Mini Fox to a big girl far it's going better than we could have imagined. She stays in her bed until we get her and she's sleeping the same amount of time. We're only on day 3, so we'll see if this is a thing or not, fingers crossed!

Pretending to sleep.

She wanted to take a family picture in her bed.

I debating on posting this here or not, but Baby Fox has watched it several times and just laughs when he sees it, so I figure if he can laugh at himself...then we'll I'm going to post it. I'll preface this video by saying that the kids went to bed super late the night before, got up super early and then didn't take a nap. To say they were sleep deprived is the understatement of the year.

But wait...there's another kid...she stopped crying as hard as soon as we started to video...but you get the idea.

We're just loving watching all the Olypmic although, they could end soon, because I need to get more sleep! Seriously! That being said I saw this video this week, so hilarious, reguar people trying on Olympic swimmers swim suits...

Life changing, I really hope this works. Next time I buy an avocado...I'll keep you posted.

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