Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The World Through Baby Fox's Lens: Life Lately

Hello Foxy Friends! Welcome back to another installment of The World Through Baby Fox's lens. For those that are new here, actually not really, since the last time I did one of these was 16 months ago, anyway. I thought I would gather the most recent picture off of Baby  Fox's camera. 2.5 years ago we gave Baby Fox a camera and he's been sort of taking pictures ever since. Mostly sporadically, but lately he's been really interested in it. So here they are.
He got Skylanders from his older cousin and he was just so stinkin excited that he lined them all up and took pictures of them.

and here is me taking a picture of him taking the picture.

Taking after his Mama.

This one cracks me up, I had no idea he was talking pictures too, this is my June $10 Target Haul I was taking pictures of. LOL.

Mr. and Baby Fox are really into Battlebots, a picture of the flame thrower, because he thought it was so cool.
Baby sister transitioned to her big girl bed...Baby Fox yelled, don't move I want to take a picture and ran off down stairs to retrieve his camera, so stinkin cute!

Of course here is me taking a picture of him taking a picture

And there you have life lately according to Baby Fox's lens. I try not to force him to use it, so who knows the next time we'll have enough photos to do another one, but until then, keep letting those little ones be creative!
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