Wednesday, August 17, 2016

White Dress On Repeat

Hello Foxy Fashion Friends! Back with my favorite summer dress from Old Navy. I thought it was $12, and I thought well I'll ask Mr. if he likes it and if does I'll keep it, if not then not worth $12. Then I got to the register and it was $4.88!!! What?! I never find deals like this. Definitely a keeper and I've worn it a couple of times already.

I wore this to my cousins baby shower. 

I loved the way my hair turned out, sort of just made it up as I went, this will definitely be on repeat.


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Now on to my hair from the week. I haven't done much. Friday on the way to the mountains I wanted to curl my hair because curls last for days in the mountains, yay for dry air. Then I just threw it half up, this is super easy and stays throughout the day and makes you look more put together.

Saturday I tried to do my braided half crown, but didn't have two rubber bands, so the one side is way loser than I would like, but hey what are you going to do? Just go with it and take a picture anyway. 

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