Sunday, August 7, 2016

One Swing Three Ways

Happy Monday Foxy Friends! Today I'm teaming up with Alison and Whitney for a fun collaboration. We figured out that a couple of months ago that we all picked up the same dress from Old Navy, so we thought it would be fun to all style the same dress three ways.

I just love that we all had a different take on this same dress. We didn't discuss how we were going to style our dresses before sending out our information to each other. Do love that we all even used the same necklace. Mine and Alison's being the same color, and Whitney choosing pink, how fun is that?

Here's my look. Actually I have two looks with this same outfit. Around where I am from it's pretty warm in the day and gets cooler at night, so I thought instead of carrying around something in my purse or over my arm, I would just tie it around my waist. Make it part of the outfit.

Here's the hair, a simple pony tail for this casual summer look.

Then when it gets a little more chilly when the sun sets (okay lets face it, it gets to 70° and I consider that jacket weather).


Now go check out Alison and Whitney's look of the same dress. Funny how a few accessories can drastically change the same dress.

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