Thursday, August 4, 2016

Sentence a Day: July Edition

Hi Foxy Friends, back with another installment of Sentence A Day! Thank you Rebecca for the idea! Here we are our first link up! I hope you wrote down your sentence a day and are linking up with us. It's so fun to read about someone's day in just one sentence.

 1 - Mini Fox's swim lessons with summer clothes on, we're headed towards swim lesson graduation

2 - Baby Fox's swim lesson, I'm going to swim lessons 6 days a week.

3 - Cousin party and first cousin sleep over!

4 - Baby Fox was up at midnight, 3am and then got up for the day at 6am...he's just too excited.

5 - Mr. and I ditched work, went to breakfast, shopping and a movie, it was glorious

6 -  Home from work, being sick sucks.

7 - Decided to start the 21 day fix next week.

8 - Friday!

9 - Got to see my high school friends and their hubby and kids for swimming, so great to see them!

10 - Meal prep suck up one side and down the other, 6 hours of prepping...kill me.

11 - 2 days down 19 days to go

12 - I'm grumpy

13 - Swimming!

14 - 5th day of working out in a row, I might die.

15 - Mini Fox went to the dentist with me and rocked it, she sat on me the whole time

16 - Hanging with the cousins without kids, so nice

17 - Week 1 of 21 fix done...14 more days...

18 - I'm hungry.

19 - Termite inspection, boo.

20 - Backed to my R.I.P.P.E.D classes at the gym, yay!

21 - 2 hours to drive home from work, BRUTAL

22 - Baby Fox graduates from Pre-school!!!!!

23 - Portable car cable jumpers to the rescue! (PSA: Seriously everyone should have one in your car)

24 - Last week of hard core meal prep, woo hoo!

25 -Shit, I'm late for work!

26 - 5 more freakin' days.

27 - Back to R.I.P.P.E.D, yay!

28 - LEGOLAND time with some of the cousins

29 - LEGOLAND time with all of the cousins

30 - Baby Fox Opened LEGOLAND!

31 - So tired, is it the weekend yet?

Join us next month for Sentence a day on September 1st!

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