Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Favorites #91

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! Seriously this week, can it go any slower?! Longest week ever, but thankfully it's Friday!

In case you missed it on the blog this week:

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Wednesday: Fall Boot Round Up
Thursday: I co-hosted with Carrie and Jill for their Thursday Fashion Files, so much fun joining them.

Last Saturday was finally the big Autumn Reflections for Thomas House. I briefly spoke about their cause in this post. I went to the gala last year and was so moved by everything that they were doing I volunteered to help organize this years gala. I'm so freakin' proud of everyone involved, we had a goal then our stretch goal, which we really didn't think, just hoped we could reach and we knocked it out of the park...double our stretch goal people! I couldn't be more proud of everyone I worked with, even though I was the tiniest of parts, I'm so happy we raised so much money for the kids and their families.

I attempted to do my hair for the event, not exactly how I wanted it, but didn't really have the time to fiddle around too much. I think it turned out pretty good. I was trying to copy Abby's Lace Braid Up do, they seriously make it look so flash, it is not.

At least it looked good from the front. This lipstick is the Colourpop, so far I'm not too impressed, but I'll keep trying some of the other stuff... keep you posted.

The room all set up.

The flowers that I brought...and to be clear I did not arrange them, someone else did that, they just did it at my house. I cheered them on and helped clean up.

The even started outside with a silent auction, I think about 230 people showed up.

Congratulations Thomas House for such a successful evening, you deserve it!

While we were out my parents watched the kids and they got spoiled. My mom decided that she was going to do the pink curlers in her hair, so freaking cute. knew there was a but, my mom didn't tell her what was going to happen in the morning. Well this three year old thought the curlers were going to stay in for forever...legit forever, like she didn't want to take them off. Cue the 20 minute melt down where she was near hyperventilating, luckily Mr. finally calmed her down and we were able to make it to church on time...wasn't expect that...

Excuse the mess in the back ground.

Wednesday Baby Fox had the day off from school so him and Mini Fox went to breakfast

This video...hilarious...

They followed breakfast up with play at their favorite play place. They said it was the best day ever.

You guys, finally after 7 years living in our house, and countless times at the park by ourselves, FINALLY younger people are moving into our neighborhood! This past week we've met up with the same people at the park, and the kids just have a blast together, we're there till we can't see anything any more, and they kids just want more. I'm so excited that the kids have more kids in the neighborhood and that they all get along.

Yep that is Mini Fox in a fake blonde wig...haha, whatever floats her boat right?

So excited for the many play dates ahead...the kids get along and the moms are awesome, I'm so stoked (I know, no one says that any more...but I do when super excited).

This...I want this all day long...someone invite me to a Halloween Party.

Please someone do this in my neighborhood...pretty please.

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