Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Stranded On A Deserted Island...I Would Bring...

Once a month Erika and Shay host a link up where they talk about what three items we would want with them on a deserted island. This month it's what Halloween candy we would bring.

Hand down without a doubt I would bring Candy Corn, seriously why is candy corn so good, but only in October, I would never even think to buy it any other month.
My second choice would definitely be something gummy, currently I'm obsessed with Swedish Fish...like can't get enough of them, would eat them all day everyday if it was healthy...it's not so it's only every other day. You know have to have some sort of limit.
Last Candy I would bring is a Kit Kat, well it was a toss up between Twix and Kit Kat, but Kit Kat won out because I think I would ultimately get tired of the caramel, I don't think I would ever get tired of eating Kit Kats, especially ones from Europe, they just taste different than here and are SO much better if you can imagine.
I'm a little early with this one, link up isn't until October 12, so you still have time to tell us what candy you would bring to a deserted island with you.
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