Monday, October 3, 2016

September in Numbers

Happy Monday Foxy Friends! Today I'm joining the lovely Deena for her Month in Numbers link up. I love looking back on the month and seeing all that I have done. So let's get started.

12 - The number of selfies I took this month,  this number just keeps going down. hmmm....

365 - The number of days we had a Disneyland pass...we did one last trip before they expired and we had a blast.

5 - The number of days Mr. was on a business trip, we survived.

3 - The number of years Mini Fox has been alive. I can't believe she is 3!!!

Last day as a 2 year old

She's 3!!!!

1 - The number of Little Mermaid birthday parties I threw. She said it was the best day EVER! Just her and her cousins, it really was a great day.

1 - the number of family photos sessions we had. The location I wanted to take our pictures at made it so that we had to take them early September if we didn't want other people in photo background. Sneak peak...

3 - The number of soccer games we play in September. Everyone is having  a blast, it's actually fun to watch it this year. Practice before the game.

1 - The number of sleep overs that happened at our house. The boys were great and went right to sleep when we told them to.

0 - no cavities for the kids! woo hoo!

5 - the number of shots I got this month, 4 for allergy, 1 for the flu

I took this picture because the sky was so pretty, but it was too hard to get both us and the sunset...but I took this just as we were coming out of the allergy shot place.

22 - The number of days Baby Fox has been in school and loving it. He even likes homework...we'll see how long that lasts!

I think that's it...I'm all numbered out. Hope you had a great weekend! What are some of your number from the month?

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