Thursday, October 20, 2016

How To Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table

I thought since Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I have a lot of new readers I would do a little throwback Thursday and repost when my mom guest posted on the blog on how to decorate a Thanksgiving table. She's seriously an amazing interior decorator, and I'm desperately trying to learn from her, now that I have my own house and family. I want to make my home warm, cozy and inviting just she did when I was growing up. I want my kids to look back with fond memories for decorating for the holidays like I do. Okay, enough of the sentimental stuff. Here's what you're really after...

Hi there, Sarah's Mom here, showing you how I decorate my Thanksgiving table. I love setting the table for holiday events, I start with the end in mind, which is that I want each person's place setting to feel cozy and luxurious.  I set the table 2 days ahead of every holiday, that way if you find things you need, you have plenty of time to go find it.  I consider theme, colors, centerpiece, tableware, candles and flowers. The breakdown for this table looks like this:

First up is the base, the tablecloth. I think that a thick cloth under the place setting makes everything feel warm and inviting. So along with the two tablecloths, I also use a table pad. It can be anything really, if I don't have something that fits my table, sometimes I'll just throw a thick blanket under there, anything to give it that little extra cushion.

These are both 54 inch squares set with opposite points.  I've kept the tablecloths short because of my grandchildren~ just less to get tangled up in! 

Next is the center piece. This table happens to be round, so for this particular center piece I decided to use my silver tray, the diameter of the tray I used is 18 inches and 3.5 inches deep.

I know I wanted some height so I started out with putting a riser in the middle of the tray. Next I added two rows of fall leaf garland, making sure to evenly distribute. When I saw the scarecrow I knew I wanted it to be my main focus, so I added him next, moving the garland around to make room for him to sit flat. Then I started adding various gourds around, making sure the scarecrow is front and center.

The place setting doesn't have to be a matching set. Sometimes I like to mix and match what I have to make it more interesting. Mix glass sets and mix dish sets!

I added the flower vase, I couldn't find my crystal ones, so these pinks ones did the trick. I also added the accent plate, it is really there to look pretty and to be used for those random things that you might not think of, like the gravy boat. Mostly I thought they were cute and wanted them on the table. If I had found enough I might have used them for bread plates, etc.

As always feel free to substitute, like you can follow this same tutorial for a square table, but if you were to have a rectangle table I like to have three main pieces, one larger in the center and then two smaller things towards the end of the table, and then fill in the gaps, sort of like the mantel, but make sure to leave room for all of the platters the yummy food is going to be on.

The finished table.

If you want to take a peek at the rest of my Fall decorations, here ya go! First up is my mantle.  I used the same basic principals as my Halloween mantel.

If there is a spot I will fill it with something, I change out what's on this table seasonally. The picture/books always stay and then what's in front changes with my mood/season.

The little space on my counter always has something decorative. I think it's very inviting when someone walks in and sees something for the season.

Even the phone area gets decorated.

I am constantly tweaking, finding other decorations while I am out and adding and subtracting things as I go. Find things that you love and have fun finding places around your house to display them. 


Doesn't this just get you totally pumped for the all of the holidays coming up and decorating for everything? I know I'm super motivated and ready to decorate! How about you? What's your favorite thing to decorate in your house?

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