Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Favorites #93

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! It felt like the longest week ever, we've been trying to get a ton of work done before my trip next week, yikes! At least it's Friday and we have a fun weekend planned with friends.

In case you missed it this week:

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Wednesday: Fall Staples - Scarves
Thursday: How I Do My Make Up (see video at end of post)

This girl got her first hair cut this past weekend, she was so excited and her hair is super cute and all even now. I love it.


Sunday we all went to Yogurtland for a little treat, I pretty much adore this picture we took.

We were waiting for my parents and sister so I snapped some pictures of the kids...nope they're not used to me in their face with a camera at all all!

This girl loves her some costumes...every movie she watches she has to change into that costume, it's the cutest thing...

We should have been watching Wizard of Oz, but she just wanted to wear the witch costume. I did however start from the very beginning that she wasn't allowed to wear these costumes outside of the house, so we haven't had any fights...yet at least...yesterday she said, well we're at home so I can wear my princess dress...phew bullet dodged, glad we started that out from the get go!

I know it's like beating a dead horse, but I just can't help it, I'm so giddy that they came out with a bit more of what we can expect for the 4 Gilmore Girls episodes we're going to see...

In case you missed it, I made a video on how I do my make up. I'm thinking I'm going to try a painting your nails hack next using Elmore's Glue...see if it actually works.

Doing anything fun this weekend? Happy weekend before Halloween! Come back on Monday to see our past family Halloween costumes! You'll have to wait till next Friday to see what we all were, or follow me on IG to find out earlier!

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