Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fall Staple - Scarves

Happy Hump Day Foxy Fashion Friends! Today is the last week of The Blended Blog October Style Series.

I just love scarves, they instantly spruce up an outfit and the best part no more jewelry is needed.

You guys I think I am one braided crown away from mastering the braided crown. I finally got the other side, I was good until I got to the opposite side and going back up my head...I always got confused which piece needed to do had to be documented, so I took a picture. These were taken just after getting home from work, so 13 hours later and still looking good.

Some other scarves that I'm eying for the Fall and winter months. I love multi color scarves because it can go with so many outfits with a ton of different colors for completely different looks.

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And now onto the silly part of the program...I decided randomly to try a stop motion video...not sure why, it's less than 5 seconds, the last part got cut off when uploading to Vimeo, but you get the idea. Now to think of something fun and then a thousand pictures...for 30 seconds of video.

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