Thursday, October 27, 2016

How I Do My Make-Up

Hello Foxy Friends. I finally got a video up that I'm so excited about, how I do my everyday make up. Well not everyday since I don't really wear make up to work, because who wants to wake up 15 minutes earlier when you're already waking up at 4:30am? Not this girl, so natural me is what you get. No one has time for that. Anyway, here are my basic steps for my make up. 

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I start with a Burt's Bees BB Cream, for fancier functions I use the Make Up For Ever foundation, rubbing it all over. I feel like this really evens out my skin tone. I then follow up with some Marc Jacobs Concealer and Make Up Forever Powder.

Next comes eyeshadow, I've been loving the Chocolate Palette by Too Faced.

Next up is eyeliner, I mix two, I first get a base with my Urban Decay Glide On Pencil, and then I use Stila All Day Liquid Liner to get my cat eye.

Next up is the fake eyelashes, For the glue I use Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive  and I like using Ardell 120 eyelashes for an everyday look. For a more dramatic look, or going out with friends or on a date I like using  Handmade 3D luxurious 100% Real Mink Natural Long Cross ($8.89 for 2 pairs).

Moving on to lips, I am using ColourPop. Jury is still out if I like it or not. Will keep you posted.

I do like the color though, really pretty and it goes on super smooth.

I usually wait to curl my lashes so the glue doesn't get stuck to the eyelash curler. My favorite curler for my shaped eye is Shiseido. Trust me it took a while to learn what works best for me, lots of failed tries and going out of the house with funky looking eyelashes.

And now I'm done! Hope you enjoyed it, want to see anything else? Let me know in the comments!

And here's the video that I put together. Hope you enjoy!

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