Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Styling Boots

Hello Foxy Friends! For those coming from Alison's blog welcome! Today for The Blended Blog October Style Series, we're talking about boots! Give me all of the boots! I have too many pairs, although I could use some cool weather. Come on cool weather, I'm waiting every so impatiently.

Last year I did a post on transitioning your Summer to Fall wardrobe with booties...

I have bought a few new boots this season that I can't wait to break out, so I thought today I'd show you how I'm going to be styling my new boots this Fall.

I am breaking all of the rules and wearing white after Labor Day, wooo!! Who's with me? I seriously cannot get enough peep toe booties. Give me all of the booties, this is actually my first pair and I didn't think I would like them (hence why it took me so long to buy them), but now that I have them...I need all of them.

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I also wore these for our family photo shoot (Similar here* and here*) but you'll have to wait to see those pictures.

I haven't worn this dress since I wore this dress since this family photo shoot, 4 years ago...because I couldn't find the right I want to wear this on does Mini Fox.

I wore these exactly once...actually for last years family photo shoot...funny how I keep doing that. It's worth it for the pictures right? No, really I wore them and then had ankle surgery the next day...heels and me haven't gotten along in a while, I'm finally able to get in heels comfortably... a year later, you better believe these babies are making it's debut outside of photos.

I just bought these boots** (comes in different colors and is only $29.95) from Cents of Style**, such a good deal and holy cow they are comfortable!

**Not affiliate links

And this is one of my first pairs of booties I bought...I can't believe I didn't really know how to style I'm all about it!

I can't wait to start rotating through them. Here are some of my favorite boots this season, can I just win the lottery so I can buy them all?

 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

What is your favorite boot this season? Now hop on over to The Blended Blog to see how the other ladies are styling their boots.

Speaking of awesome accessories, I participated in Vanessa's scarf exchange this year, exchanging scarves with fellow bloggers, yes I'm in! I drew Penny, so head on over to her blog to see the scarf that I got her. As I waited in anticipation, I got a package from Holly last week, and I could not be more excited to open it up.

Loved that she even wrapped it in tissue paper, the card was just the cutest.

And the moment you have all been waiting for.  I love how she even thought of where I lived and didn't buy a huge blanket scarf that probably wouldn't get much wear, it's light weight and has several colors in it, so it will go with a ton of stuff. Perfect!

I haven't gotten a change to wear it yet...think 90° temps...yuck. But can't wait to break this out soon!

Thank you so much Holly for being so considerate! I love it! Now to pick out the perfect outfit

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