Monday, October 24, 2016

October Stitch Fix Review

Hello Foxy Fashion Friends! Today I'm reviewing my October Stitch Fix...I ordered it back in April of 2014, click here for that review...It was a bust and I decided not to keep or do it again for a while. Mostly I was disappointed that the sizing was just off, I really need petite sizing. Fast forward many months (18 months to be exact) and I won a gift card for a styling fee from Courtney from A+Life, woo hoo, so excited! But yet I hadn't used it, forward another year and finally I decided to go for it. I just love seeing everyone else's Stitch why not right? The styling fee is essentially free, so what did I have to lose? So thank you Courtney for the gift card!

I'm sure you know what Stitch Fix is...but just in case you don't know...Stitch Fix is a service that you pay $20 and fill out a survey where they ask you a series of question getting to know you and your style. The more you tell them the better they will do with your fix, it's even better if you have a Pinterest Board of styles that you like too. If you want to try it out, click here, it's my referral link, if you decide to try it and do so through my link I'll get $25! Okay onto my fix.

Again I had planned for my fix to come on Thursday, so I can take pictures and then return on Monday...nope, didn't happen AGAIN! Came on Monday, who has time to take pictures and all that after work, before it gets dark...arg!  I was all set to be totally annoyed with this fix, and hate it...but when I opened that box...I was blown away. Like just pulling out the pieces I was getting giddy!

I was able to put together two outfits with what came with the fix. The first 4 things, a pair of jeans, a sweater, jacket and necklace. Stitch Fix always comes with Style Cards, here are all the cards for this outfit.

And onto the outfit.

I LOVE this jacket, like I cannot even contain myself, I never want to take it off, is that okay? Like I need another jacket, but it's light weight so I can totally use that right? Definite keep!

The shirt was super comfy, I had on a black tank top under it, but I felt for the price $58, I thought I could do better.

The jeans were awesome fit, there was some braiding on the pocket that I wasn't a huge fan of but didn't totally bother me because I rarely tuck in my shirts all the way.

I loved the necklace as well, but wasn't sure if I loved it for $55...

Then I switched out the sweater for the tank top and had a completely different outfit...well sort of. I thought I would hate the shirt, typically brown doesn't look good on me, but with the black block right up against my face I didn't mind the brown and the pop of color at the bottom was fun.

I really debated about keeping everything. If I kept everything and got my 25% discount, I would have "saved" $85...that's huge, that is like getting the jeans or the jacket for free, that's pretty cool. I talked to Mr. about it and he said..well is it worth $212? Would you rather buy something else with that money? So off to Nordstrom I went to see if there was indeed anything else I wanted, and truth be told there was. I realize that Stitch Fix is meant for the ease of it all, but I like online shopping/shopping at the Mall. I thought I was pushing it with the jeans, they were $88, but when you looked online they were selling for about $55 or so...I thought you know I can get a better pair for slightly more money and they would fit perfect. In the 10 minutes I had them on I was already pulling them up.

So in the end I decided to keep the jacket and return everything else. If  I had unlimited funds I would have kept everything! I think my stylist did a smashing job and I hope I get her the next time I try Stitch Fix!

Have you tried Stitch Fix? What was your thoughts?

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