Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sentence A Day: July Edition

1- Friends over for some swimming and BBQing the whole reason we got a house with a pool!

2- Hair cut and then swimming, what could be better?

3- Happy birthday to my little niece, so happy we could celebrate with you!

4- Happy 4th of July, such a great time with family!

5- Day date with the hubby, even though sick, I still had a ton of fun!

6- I saw the clock at every hour last night, got no sleep, took a sick day.

7- Walking a slow 2 miles is better than nothing right?

8- Must find those back to school boards, two Targets later at 9:30pm, 6 of them are mine (some are for friends that wanted them and said if I found them to get some for them).

9- Friend time, swim time, yummy dinner, love these Saturday nights.

10- Lazy day, Mini Fox isn't feel good and her temp is up to 102.7.

11- Mini Fox isn't getting better, doctor time, turns out it is an ear infection.

12- Sick kid, no gym time, good thing there are workout videos.

13- Surprising my friend from Junior high, was amazing, and getting off work early and spending it on the beach with her, even better.

14-  Day with friends is always a good day.

15- Finally she came with me! (I've been trying to get my friend to go with me to my pure barre class).

16-Church, playdate and unexpected trip to the beach to visit my cousin, super fun day!

17- Got to see my cousin again for dinner, love that we live 100 miles apart but see each other often.

18- Swim lessons, another week missed by Mini Fox, stupid ear infections.

19- Tried a new class at the gym, and man I think the instructor is a robot...seriously.

20- Mini Fox's last day of preschool.

21- Mini Fox's preschool performance, the kids were so stinkin' cute.

22- Dinner at my Aunt and Uncles that lasted until 11pm, the kids were troopers and stayed up too!

23- Lazy day that we needed.

24- I can't believe I posted myself working out! Say what?!

25- More swim lessons for the kids.

26- Finally back at R.I.P.P.E.D class, feels so good.

27- Leaving for Sequoia tomorrow!

28- Kids are so excited to spend the night in a hotel, no one got sleep, but they loved every minute of it.

29- The kids did amazing hiking!

30- Long drive back, but the kids did great, plus we got a BUNCH done when we got home.

31 - Day date with Mr., love these little random dates we are getting lately.

Join us next month, it's only August 3rd, you can catch up. We post the first Thursday of every month!

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