Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tuesday Outtakes

Back in May, I had participated in Outtake Tuesday, it doesn't look like they are doing it any more, as May was the last time the link up was live...oops! Anyway, I thought I would continue it as my own post, since there are so many pictures that don't make the blog, that I wish I could, but you know, don't want to bombard you with too many pictures at once. So here I my chance.
Totally random, but we needed the pillars in the front of our house reinforced, that is cement, it needed two weeks to dry. This was the process to do that.
Here is the finished product.
A picture of my lunch one day from across the street from my work. It was a BBQ, bacon sandwich, so unhealthy, but SO dang good!
Baby Fox's first trip to the real barber, no more kid stuff for him. Plus it's $15 cheaper a hair cut, can't beat that!
Baby Fox wanted Heelys, Mr. and I already have a pair, I think his light up ones are pretty dang cool. But he loves them, although doesn't wear them that much...I should ask him why. He caught on pretty darn quick.
Kids planting some seeds Baby Fox got at school. They randomly planted them, who knows if they will grow or not, but they were excited to get dirty.
Pretty flower growing in our front yard. This thing has gone through a lot, I mean it came back after being tented for termites, we were shocked that it grew back, as everything else died and we had to tear it all out.
Baby Fox wanted nothing to do with taking pictures, he was too busy eating his cotton candy, but little miss said she would join in, but then didn't want to smile because shew as busy eating cotton candy, haha!
When Mini Fox was sick, she was making cookies with a friend and the friend didn't want her touching the cookies, so she told Mini Fox to watch and tell her when the timer went off, she took her job seriously.

Still not feeling 100%, and not able to do swim lessons (ear infection), but I let her sit on the step while she watch Baby Fox's lesson, she decided she was tired and laid out all of the towels.

When you get a stair stepper and need to multi-task...you stair step and blog at the same time.
So what do you say? Want to do this with me next month?  
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