Monday, August 14, 2017

A Day In the Life

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Okay let's get started, I decided to record last Thursday, August 10, we were leaving for our trip to go to central California.

I need to get allergy shots once a week, if you go longer than 10 days you have to re-do shots, I don't want that, so up early to get to the office when it opened to be the first one in line.

The family we are meeting up with, I went to college with, she was in my wedding when I got married, and I was in hers, and Mr. was the best man at their wedding. She loves donuts, specifically Apple Fritter and the donut place near us has the best apple fritters, so I had to pick some donuts for everyone.

And we're off!

We had to pass by where my cousin lives and they have the BEST sandwiches at this deli, so she and her kids met up with us.

Lots of driving, but at least we got a good view for a good portion of the drive, a longer ocean route is better than desert of nothingness.

We took a different way, and ended up getting stopped at some construction, while we stopped, we found out that just up the road was an Indian Cave with some cave painting, small detour it is. (had to take this picture through a gate)

Before meeting up with our friends, we stopped at a park to let the kids blow off some steam, we have been in the car for about 6 hours. The view was gorgeous!

Friends are a little late getting to down town, but we found a candy shop to explore.

After dinner we took our friends to the candy shop, and ended up getting gelato, so yummy!

Great way to end the evening. The kids had a blast hanging out with their friends and we hope to do this again next year! Next time we'll be adding one more kid to the mix (not from us, from our friends), 5 kids, 4 adults, fun times.

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