Monday, February 12, 2018

10 Memories With Mr.

Last year I participated with Erin for 10th on the 10th and she's continuing it this year, click here for those posts. Well this year she has come up with 12 new topic, the topic today is 10 memories with your spouse. Wow, so many memories, but I'll try, here I go:

| ONE |

When we met, I picked him up at a bar in Hollywood. Yep that's right, I talked to him first, we were both dating someone at the time, we broke up with said people soon after and the rest is history.

| TWO |

Our first date, was pretty much picture perfect. We went to Malibu, and sat on the sand and talked while watching the sunset, then we headed to Mimi's Cafe to eat dinner, followed by ice cream and walking around the most picture perfect park (think old fashion street lights and benches under tress). Really the most perfect first date.


When he surprised me with our honeymoon. He just told me that I needed a passport and some bathing suites. I had no idea where we were going, and he told me at church towards the end of the ceremony as we were watching everyone receive communion.

| FOUR |

Our trip to Italy and Switzerland. We knew that we wanted to take one more big trip before having kids. So we took 3 weeks off and went with some really good friends. So many great memories, and I can't wait to take the kids one year.

Throwing coins into Trevi Fountain.

| FIVE |

Hiking Half Dome. I saw a picture of it in someone's cube and I asked what it was, they said Half Dome and I immediately Googled, and then emailed Mr. and said hey want to hike Half Dome...he immediately said yes, without evening knowing what it was, despite having knee surgery 7 weeks prior he hiked it with me, and it was such an amazing experience.


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| SIX |

Buying our first house together, we found out our offer got accepted on our drive home from hiking Half Dome.


After having kids it's hard to get away, just the two of us. I really cherish those times to reconnect and visit our old stomping grounds, when we were two people who on a whim would go to Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo the following weekend, just because. I love that we could do that, and that we still try to do that, although it takes a lot more planning then thinking about it 1 day prior to leaving, haha!

Visiting the elephant seals in Cambria


Having Baby Fox, what a surreal moment, one moment you are just two people in love and the next you bring this human into the world who is completely reliant on you. Wow, we just stared and him and cried and had no words.

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| NINE |

Of course the mega fast birth of Mini Fox, wow. I love hearing Mr.'s version of events, and the fact that Mr. knows me well enough that I was going to have this baby fast and lie to the hospital (of how long my contractions had been going on) so that they would tell us we could come in. 1 hour later...she was here.

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| TEN |

One of the more recent ones is watching the sunrise at the Grand Canyon with the kids. I love that the kids wanted to go and we loved sharing that experience with them.

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