Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Meet My People

Hi Foxy Friends!  I thought since I have some new foxy peeps around I would introduce my people. People you see frequently around these parts. Plus check out the other bloggers below and get to know some new people.

Well I just talked about Mr. yesterday, so go check out that post for more details. But he is the one that supports all the crazy ideas that I have and never once gives me the eye roll when for the 100th time ask for a picture.

Baby Fox:

The one that made me a mother. What can I say, he really was the perfect first child, NEVER cried, I mean never. Is super sensitive, so I have to watch my tone with him, because if he thinks you're mad at him, he will cry. Is the most loving and caring brother any sister could ask for and pretty much bends over backwards to do anything to make her stop crying. (Yes she does use this to her advantage sometimes). Loves baseball and soccer, learning, especially math, and is currently loving his trampoline class. He almost has a front flip.

Mini Fox:

What can I say, she enter this world, just like her personality, loud, in charge and knowing what she wants. She has the best imagination, can entertain herself for hours and loves to tell a good story. Loves her brother something fierce and always wants to do what he is doing. Loves her morning cuddles, was a super hard transition when he started going to school full time and didn't get her morning cuddles with him.

Parents and Siblings:

They are the best, I could not ask for a better extended family for my kids. I love that they live close enough to us that they are a constant in the kids lives and that they each have their own relationship with them. I don't know what we would do without them, helping us out all the time, taking the kids to and from activities. I love that my dad can drop off donuts on a random Wednesday just because.


Many of them are missing from our most recent get together, but I love that we are able, as adults, or organize ourselves and let our children be able to grow up like how we did when we were younger. Although we all live within a 100 mile radius, and sometimes it's not always easy to get together, we make it happen. Heck I see my cousin who lives 100 miles away probably more than I see some friends that live miles from me...

These kids, I love them so much! How much longer can we get them to wear matching PJ's? Forever? The oldest (farthest left) said the only reason he was wearing them was because Auntie Sarah bought them, you better believe I'm riding that Auntie train as long as possible, haha.

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