Monday, February 19, 2018

$10 Target Haul: February Edition

Happy Monday Foxy Friends! I'm back with the $10 Target Haul link up! It's fun to go into Target and try to find what you can get for $10. I found mostly Valentine's Day things, so even though V-Day was last week, let's roll with it.

I am obsessed with Swedish Fish, and the little ones taste better than the bigger ones. They came out with littl heart shaped ones, and they taste like the little ones...SO dang good. I tried to go back to Target on February 15th, to get the left overs, but there were none...actually all of the Valentine's Day stuff was cleaned up already and the shelves were complete empty...heart breaking...okay, not really but I was super disappointed.

I haven't had the energy to decorate, and I don't have many Valentine's Day things, so I thought the little banner would be cute. Then  Mini Fox and a friend did the rest of the decorating. It's a hodge podge, but they made most of it, and I love it.

Mini Fox painted the background of that sign, and then a friend did the saying because they both love that movie...points to anyone who knows the movie!

I was going to use the cupcake stuff for a treat for Mini Fox's preschool, but they said no treats, then I was going to do fruit cups...but that never happened. So I guess I'll be ready for next year.

So what did you get for $10? Link up down below!

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