Monday, February 5, 2018

TBB Asks: February Edition

Hello Foxy Friends! I know two posts in one day, crazy pants. But anyway, it's another first Monday of the month which means The Blended Blog is asking and we're all answering. Join us the first Monday of every month, look for the questions over on TBB the week prior.

1. Kisses or Hugs? Hugs, nothing better than a big bear hug.

2. Candy or Flowers? Candy, preferably some sort of gummy candy, I really like Swedish fish, yum!

3. Baking or Cooking? Cooking, if someone is doing it for me.

4. Do you remember your first kiss? Yes, it was awful and super awkward and I laughed.

5. Favorite color of roses? Pink

6. Conversation hearts, Yes or No? Yes, except the yellow ones, yuck.

7.  Do you leave love notes? Yes? I leave a note in Baby Fox's lunch everyday. I used to leave notes for Mr. but haven't done it in a while...I should start back up.

8.  Do you decorate for Valentine's Day? Yes, but this year I am slow to get it all out...Usually I take down Christmas and put up Valentine's day, but for whatever reason, it's taking forever to take Christmas down.

9. Red or Pink? Pink, not sure for what, but if I have to pick.

10. White, milk or dark chocolate? Milk all the way!

11. Do you believe in love at first sight? I believe in lust at first site.

12. Do you give serious or humorous Valentine's Day Cards? Serious, although Mr. and I don't really exchange them any more. I guess that's what 13 years does?

13. Favorite Chick Flick or Romantic movie? Ever After for years, watched on repeat. But now it's the live version of Cinderella. Haha, funny, they are both the same story, I guess I have a type.

14. Stay in or go out?  Stay in, too much hype with Valentine's Day, and we already know how we feel about each other.

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