Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday Favorites #150

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! We're headed to the mountains as you're reading this. It's pretty warm up there, but we're going to make the best of it. We were hoping to get Baby Fox into his first ski lesson, but it's going to be 54°F, with a lot of fake snow. So we'll have to wait on that lesson.

This week on the blog:

Monday: TBB Asks - February Edition
Wednesday: Valentine's Day Look
Thursday: Seattle Shopping Haul

Going to start with Thursday, I took the kids to Target after work. I can't even remember why we were going...oh wait, yes I do. Haha, my cousin sent me a picture and said...hey look what I found:

So of course I had to hop foot over to Target to see if I can find them for myself. And I did, and they are awesome! Worth the trip to Target. But before going into Target Mini Fox saw the circle and said, Mama take my picture.

Friday we celebrated my Mom's birthday. Her actual birthday was on Sunday, but we were going to a cousin party for Super Bowl, so we did a Friday thing instead. We ordered in Ribs and ate at home, per the birthday girl instructions. And she wanted chocolate with chocolate cupcakes.

My mother in Law came to visit this past weekend and I got NO pictures. Oops. It was a short trip. Sunday we headed to my cousins house for Super Bowl and the kids had a blast!

Remember when I told you we got a Sous Vide? Well I wanted to try and recreate the Starbucks Egg Bites, which Mr. says is pretty darn close. Although we needed to add a TON more cheese, but it was pretty darn close!

The kids are having a blast with Mr.'s Christmas gift, the hover board. They are really good at it too.

Cara from Kindly Unspoken, but together a fantstic guide to make up brushes. If you are confused as to what does what, take a look at this article. This is just the first of her beauty series, so excited to read the rest of them, Cara's make-up is always on point.

The Ultimate Makeup Brush Buying Guide- The Brushes You Really Need And How to Use Them!

If you need a good laugh. I can't even imagine having to use this sort of lift when I first started Snowboarding, I feel like the regular chair lift was hard! But this made me laugh so hard.

I just love when these two do a car musical. They are always so dang good!

And they posted bloopers, love it

Happy weekend! Hope you get to spend lots of time with your family and friends! See you Monday!

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