Thursday, February 7, 2019

Easy Minecraft Cake

Hi Foxy Friends! It's Thursday, my "Friday" and I'm so happy about it. I swear Tuesday was Thursday...this week has been DRAGGING! I thought today I would share with you how I made Baby Fox's Birthday cake. I was originally going to make him a rainbow birthday cake, but then realized I could just as easily turn it into a Minecraft cake so that's exactly what I did!

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It's fairly simple, you get a big bang for you buck and most people think you spent WAY more time on it than you really did! Win for you. Okay let's get started:

What You'll Need:

5-6 cake pans (I use these, will make a small tall cake, if using the ones I use, then you'll have to cook 5 and then cook the last one after the others cook, as it only comes with 5 pans)

Homemade Cake Recipe (the boxed is too soft, don't use it, you won't be able to make the layers)

Food Coloring (I use these)

Circle Cookie Cutters in various sizes (I use these)

Frosting (I use a homemade one from Wilton)


Step 1 - Make batter according to recipe (I use the something similar to this cake recipe, ignore the filling and frosting part of the recipe)

Step 2 - Divide batter into bowls, use one bowl for each color you are going to use, I did 5 colors. I would have done 6 but we started making this cake at 10pm, no one's got time to wait for cake to cook twice, else I would have done 6)

Step 3 - Add food coloring. For the Minecraft part, I knew I wanted variations of green and brown. The brown was a little harder, so for the darker one, I added a LOT of the brown color, and for the other one I added a little bit of the brown color, and realized that it was too similar to the dark brown, so I added a little yellow to change the tone, worked perfectly.

For the greens, I did the dark one, then added less green for the middle green, and for the other green I used a neon green.

Step 4 - Prep your pan how you normally would and pour batter into pans.

Step 5 - Cook, you will need less cooking time than what the recipe calls for because they are so thing and small, I start with 15 minutes, and then go from there.

Colors turned out perfect, exactly what I wanted them to look like!

Completely cool cakes before going onto the next step.

Step 6 - While cakes are cooling, make your frosting (don't really matter what kind, just not the store bought, as I think that will be too soft)
Step 7 - I do this part on my counter, as I don't have a cutting board, don't worry the counter was clean before starting. Lay all of the cakes out, this is somewhat tricky but not really. You're going to take 2 of your round cookie cutters, and make three concentric circles.

Rainbow cake

Helpful Tip: If your cakes didn't bake evenly, before you cut the circles, make sure to level them out at this step, also cut the edges so all cake layers are the same size. I forgot to do this, and had to use a lot of frosting to make up for the unevenness of each layer, oops!

Step 8 - I usually line each of the same size circles up and then start mixing and matching before I do the frosting and putting them back together. This way you can be sure that each of the layers will have different colors in them.

Start with the largest circle, and apply frosting on the inside ring, place next size ring cake layer in it.

 Then frost the middle circle inner ring and put the smallest cake layer in. When you're done it should look like something like this:

When they're all done, you'll have this.

You can see the white circles above from where I was applying the frosting to the inner circle.

Step 9 - Now frost your cake like normal, putting frosting between each layer, and then frosting the whole thing. With these cakes, I like to buy the small ice cream cones from Trader Joes and use that as decorations. I forgot to take a picture of the finished product, oops! But here it is when it's been cut into, the perfect Minecraft cake of the little human in your life that is obsessed.

How To make a Minecraft Cake

See easier than you think right? Making fun cakes doesn't have to be hard, time consuming yes, but not hard. You got this, if you do make it, tag me in the photo or leave a picture in the comments! Good luck, you can do this!

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