Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Hash Brown Waffles

Hi Foxy Friends! Over on my YouTube channel I was doing a series about trying out recipes. I didn't have time to film it, but I did snap some pictures. This video was going around on FB from the Pioneer Woman, and I just had to give it a try. Bottom line it was amazing, and we can't wait to make it again and put different things in it.

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What You'll Need:

Bag of Frozen shredded potatoes
Cheese (optional)
Bacon (optional)
Ham (optional)
You get the picture
Waffle Maker (I have this one)


Step 1 - Thaw out potatoes. (directions say to wring out extra water, but I didn't do this and they turned out okay, so your choice)

I left our bag of potatoes out on the counter for a little over an hour.

Step 1.5 - Turn on waffle maker at some point while the potatoes are thawing to get it heating up. Mine takes a little over 10 minute to heat up.

Step 2 - Add half a stick of melted butter to the potatoes (not sure why this step was needed, but I figure extra butter can't hurt right?)

Step 3 - Add in a heaping 1/2 cup to each section of the waffle maker, add in your toppings, we did just cheese this time, but next time we want to add in some bacon of some sort. After  toppings add another 1/4 or so more potatoes on top, enough to cover your toppings.

Bottom two have no toppings just potatoes

Tip 1: When adding topping don't add too many, cause remember you still have to add more potatoes on top and close the machine.

I tried to take a picture that you can go over, which I advise you to do, the first batch I did, I had it less than this and I think it turned out better with more potatoes.

Step 4 - Now this is the part that was confusing from the video and her instructions. She says to set it for 15 minutes? Well my waffle iron goes from 1-5 in done-ness. So I didn't have that option. I tried to put it where I would normally put it when we do waffles (between 3 and 4) but that was only 6 minutes or so. So then I cranked it up to 5 and just left it for 15 minutes. Yes the machine beeped at me telling me it was done, but it kept cooking it and making it brown. So I would say do that. I set my timer for 15 minutes, put it on the highest setting and let it go.

Tip 2: When doing this for the first time, take a peek at it when the waffle iron ready button goes off, because I'm sure each waffle iron is different

They were SOOO good! Mr. kept mumbling how good they were and ate a bunch of them. Baby Fox repeatedly said how good they were.

Tip 3: It does take 15 minutes each time, so if you're going to need more than one batch, I would make the first batch and keep in oven on warm, so remember each time it takes 15 minutes, this is not a fast, whip it up recipe.

Let me know if you make them! I am definitely going to have to make breakfast for dinner one of these times when we have some friends over!

Oh and 1 bag of frozen potatoes yeilded about 2 batches, so 8 waffles, I ended up making some just potato ones because Baby Fox doesn't like cheese, so those were a little smaller, so I really ended up with 9.

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